Zero 10X

  • The ZERO 10X is a high performance dual motor drive, dual suspension electric scooter that brings off-road performance into the urban environment. 

    The ZERO 10X electric scooter is able to hit a top speed of up to 40 mph and has a range of 35-40 miles in a single charge. With its 10 x 3.0" inch tires and front and rear spring suspension that allows this scooter to easily handle the bumpiest of roads.

    Its performance outranks all other electric scooters in its price range, making the ZERO 10X a great value for the money compared to other high performance electric scooters.

  • The Dual 1000W hub motors on the ZERO 10X provides a nominal total power output of 2000W. This power is controlled by 2 x 25 Amp speed controllers with massive heat sinks to dissipate heat as quickly as possible, maintaining optimal performance of the electric scooter at all times.

    Just looking at the ZERO 10X can raise your pulse. Originally designed for off-road riding, this body plan was so successful that the designers adapted the scooter for urban riding.

    The first thing you will notice are the striking suspension arms connecting the wheels to the body. These suspension arms are propped up by 2 spring absorbers for added comfort.

    Then comes the delight of realizing that both wheels have hub motors in them. Switchable between a single drive and a dual motor drive, the ZERO 10X allows the rider to switch between 2 modes: the ECO mode and the TURBO mode.

    ZERO 10X 23Ah ZERO 10X 60V
    Battery 52V 18Ah 52V 24Ah 60V 21Ah
    Motor 2 X 1000 2 X 1000
    2 X 1200
    Range 35-38 Miles 55-60 Miles 50 Miles
    Top Speed 35-38 MPH 35-38 MPH
    45 MPH
    Load Capacity 330lbs 330lbs
  • Q: Do the ZERO models come with a charger? A: Yes. All ZERO models come with one standard charger.

    Q: Are the ZERO models waterproof? A: Not really. The ZERO models are built to withstand small amounts of water, but we recommend avoiding wet conditions like puddles or riding in the rain.

speed indicator guage
35-45 MPH*
*varies by model
range indicator
35-60 MILES*
*varies by model
electric scooter weight icon
80 lbs
scooter load capacity icon
Load Capacity
330 lbs
zero 10x electric scooter front disc brakes


Hydraulic disc brakes on front and rear for optimal stopping power
zero 10x electric scooter dual motor side view


The Dual 1000W hub motors on the ZERO 10X Dual provides a phenomenal power output of 2000W and a peak power output of 3200W.
zero 10x electric scooter rear hydraulic suspension


With its 10 x 3 inch tires and front and rear spring hydraulic suspension that allows this scooter to easily handle the bumpiest of roads.


"it’s a high-end scooter for those looking for much faster speeds and range for longer distance commutes"
"The ZERO 10X is for all the thrill-seeking, speed-loving electric scooter riders out there who want to take their riding to the next level"
"Nothing in it's price range comes even close"



zero 10 electric scooter handlebar width 49.6 inches
zero 10x electric scooter handlebar height 38.6 in
zero 10x electric scooter folded height 19.7 in


Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
140 pounder here

Another review, things I missed on my last review.
The steering is very stiff, this I approve of, has it’s a safety thing at high speed and you could also work it in! When you turn on the zero 10x, feels like you’re turning on a motorcycle, very nice tensioned, turn of the key, feels nice!
I live downtown Toronto Canada, I can’t see myself ever using the third gear in the city. Third gear would be simply too fast for downtown travelling, but nice to know it’s there when you needed.
The zero 10X, reeks of quality just from looking and when you actually put your hands on it it’s phenomenal.
A list of Youtube channels to look up for this scooter:
Alien rides
The Electric scooter guide
Timothy West
Wrong way
Also a shout out to REVrides for all their help in assisting me on this purchase! Very informative, and I also have all of your tutorials on how to fix or replace different parts on this scooter!
I would recommend the scooter for a beginner or advanced rider!
Thanks to all of the REVride team, keep producing those quality rides!

140 pounder here

Absolutely flabbergasted this scooter is an absolute beast! OK, I know it’s my first scooter, but I’m also freestyler rollerblader and I enjoy my three wheel 110 mm wheels, as well!
Willing to switch it up this year, I’m 44 years old I’m not getting any younger, so I’m going to do the scooter thing this spring or sooner I hope!
I got the 60 V 21ah, with the hydraulic front and back brake disc, it’s charging right now!
Dammit all the hell why does it have to be in the middle of the winter!
Anyway, this thing is built like a tank, it’s true what they say on all those YouTube videos.
I was glued To the YouTube channel with all those guys doing the reviews and man was it ever (2 month)painstaking!

I love my zero tenx

The zero 10x is exactly what they say it is, a wonderful machine. Only had it for about 5 days an I absolutely love it. So much more easier to get to work compared to riding my 29" big ripper. Love my big ripper bout the Zero 10x is simply spoiling me. Awesome machine. Great job to the builder's. Great product get you one. Thank you. Lamar R.

Zero 10x and Zero 9

Hi, This is the first scooter that I have ever ridden. For Christmas, We bought a 10x for me, 225 lbs and my wife 140 lbs, a 9. I have to say I was nervous about getting the powerful 10x scooter. I am very happy that I did. The scooter will only go as fast as you let. I love this scooter because it can climb any hills and smooths out bumps with it's awesome suspension. I have been riding around on level 1 and switching between dual and single motor when needed and have only gotten up to about 20 mph. I'll go faster when my confidence improves, I'm sure. The range has been a nice feature too. I can ride all day. The build quality of both of these scooters is really good. I haven't noticed any rattling. As for the staff at RevRides, they were all very helpful and answered all of my questions. You can't go wrong with these scooters. Enjoy!

Zero 10x

The scooter performs amazing I like it a lot I hope !!! I really recommend this scooter for rides that like riding dirt trails or just going to school especially for college students this product is incredible 👏🙌👌

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