What is REV Guard?

Introducing REV Guard and REV Guard PRO, our convenient subscription-based extended service plans, designed to protect and ensure uninterrupted enjoyment of your personal electric vehicle (PEVs) throughout the year. REV Guard plans cover the costs of consumable parts for your electric scooter, electric bike, or electric unicycle, such as tires, inner tubes, brake pads, rotors, bearings, suspension shocks, and more.

REV Guard PRO takes protection to the next level, offering additional protection for unexpected repair costs resulting from accidental damage, or premature wear. With REV Guard PRO, if any damage occurs while riding, we will handle the repair or replacement of your vehicle if we can’t fix it. All you do is pay the deductible. Our streamlined process involves sending you a shipping label to send your device to one of our repair facilities, and REV Rides takes care of the rest.  One of our favorite features of REV Guard PRO is that you extend your manufacturer’s warranty for up to three years after your purchase! 

Enrollement Options

You can subscribe to REV Guard and REV Guard PRO under one of the following conditions. 

  1. New Vehicle Purchases: When you purchase a new eScooter, eBike, or EUC (electric unicycle) from REV Rides, you can opt for an extended service plan that starts from day one of purchase. 
  2. During Maintenance or Repair Service: PEV’s (Personal Electric Vehicle) purchased from REV Rides, qualifying vehicles can be enrolled in REV Guard or REV Guard PRO when bringing your vehicle in for repair. Coverage begins 30 days after enrollment, provided the vehicle passes our inspection. Vehicles more than two years old, have worn parts, broken components or signs of neglect are ineligible for service plan enrollment. 

REV Guard VS REV Guard PRO

A closer look at the coverage differences between the two plans

REV Guard Coverage: 

  • Free consumables include replacement inner tubes, tires, brake pads & rotors, bearings, and OEM suspension shocks & springs. Suspension components are not covered on eBikes or e-Motos.
  • Shipping is always free. 
  • Tire sealant is provided free of charge at time of purchase, and after flat tire repairs, which helps to prevent flat tires.
  • Enjoy discounted prices on non-OEM parts and a 50% labor discount on repair shop labor rates. 
  • Recommended for customers who ride frequently and want controlled out-of-pocket expenses for consumables items, and willing to perform the basic maintenance tasks themselves.  Commuters and daily riders of PEV’s can greatly benefit from this, as flat tires do occur, and tires, brakes, and shock absorbers can wear out over time. Avoid unexpected costs and downtime with REV Guard. As your consumables deplete, REV Rides replenishes! 

REV Guard PRO Coverage: 

  • Includes of all the benefits of REV Guard, and...
  • Extends your PEV's factory warranty for as long as you remain actively enrolled in REV Guard PRO extended coverage plan, up to 3 years after the date you receive your product. 
  • If you break it, we replace it. REV Guard PRO offers the best maintenance and crash protection plans for your PEV. 
  • Upgraded parts & accessories you have purchased from REV Rides are covered
  • Priority Technical Support available by email and phone staffed by knowledgeable PEV experts to help guide you through technical questions, and DIY repairs. 
  • A $50 deductible applies for parts and accessories not included in the free REV Guard consumable list for each incident claim. 
  • Recommended for frequent riders, daily commuters, those who prefer not to perform their own vehicle repairs, or those looking to avoid unexpected repair costs if they have a mechanical break-down or incur vehicle damage due to an accident. 

NOT COVERED by REV Guard or REV Guard PRO:  

  • Damage caused by third-party or aftermarket modifications. 
  • Electrical components are not covered if the device’s electrical system, controllers, or wiring have been modified. (Aftermarket batteries/controllers, tapping into OEM wires, etc.) 
  • Signs of intentional damage or misuse/abuse of the device. 
  • Damage caused by improper repair. (Stripped screws, improper hardware used, broken bolts, etc.) 
  • Surface scratches, blemishes, squeaks/noises, or superficial damages that have no negative effect on safety or functionality are not considered broken or damaged, and will not be eligible for replacement under REV Guard PRO.  REV Guard PRO covers the replacement of broken or inoperable parts that have been damaged while being used under normal riding conditions. 
  • Lost or stolen vehicles or accessories. 
  • Property damage, third-party liability, personal injury, or death. (Always wear protective gear, and ride safely and appropriately for the environment you are riding in.) 
  • Damage resulting from competitive, extreme off-road riding, or jumping. 

REV Guard Pricing

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Tier (Monthly Cost) Models Covered
Tier 1 ($39) NAVEE V40 NAVEE V50 VSETT 8 Begode MTen4 Voltaic Lion Voltaic Cub
Tier 2 ($49) VSETT 9+ VSETT 10 (Single Motor) Voltaic Lion Pro NAVEE S65C VSETT 8+ KOTTO
Tier 3 ($59) VSETT10+ KingSong 16S Begode T4
Tier 4 ($69) KingSong S16 KingSong S19 VSETT 11+ Begode Master ONYX LZR
Tier 5 ($79) KingSong S22 ONYX LZR Pro King Song S22 Pro
Tier 6 ($89)
Tier 7 ($99) VSETT Super 72 Begode EX30 ONYX CTY 2
Tier 8 ($109) Begode Master Pro ONYX RCR RFN Ares Pro

More Information

Transferable If you have bought or sold a PEV from REV Rides, you can transfer your service plan enrollment to the new owner, provided no payment has been missed. To initiate the transfer, we require the original order number, PEV model, and serial number. Once we receive this information along with the new owner's contact details, we can issue them an invoice for REV Guard / REV Guard PRO if they wish to continue the subscription. 

End User Duties As an end user, you may be required to perform various tasks, including video submissions, diagnostics, and part installation. To honor our REV Guard and REV Guard PRO plans, we require a video demonstration or video chat showcasing the issue and providing the device's serial number. Once the issue is identified, we will promptly ship the necessary parts to you or schedule repair arrangements. 

Subject to Change  Please note that the benefits, terms, and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of REV Rides. In case of any changes, we will notify subscribers at least one billing cycle in advance, allowing them to opt out of our extended service plans if they wish to do so. 

Revocable and Cancellable  REV Rides retains the right to cancel or discontinue these subscription programs at any time. Additionally, we reserve the right to discontinue or refuse service to individual users at our discretion, without refund. 

REV Guard PRO Deductible  When filing a claim with REV Guard PRO, there is a $50 deductible for each incident. Once video verification is completed, an invoice for the deductible will be issued, and it must be paid before we can proceed with part replacements or repair work. 

Parts Guarantee We offer free parts and shipping for all REV Guard and REV Guard PRO customers, but please note that while we strive to assist users in installing replacement parts, we cannot guarantee extensive technical support for repairs or part installation. However, enrolled REV Guard members can benefit from a 50% labor discount when using REV Rides’ repair services or extended technical support via video chat.  Parts turnaround time is based on availability. We keep many common parts in stock and ready to ship.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a turnaround time for replacement parts that are not in stock, or in the rare instance that an item is on backorder.  Electric vehicle replacement claims approved under REV Guard PRO will cover the replacement of the originally purchased personal electric vehicle, or in cases where the originally purchased electric vehicle is no longer sold, or is unavailable, we may offer a new, similarly valued alternative. There is no redeemable cash-value if your replacement claim is awarded under REV Guard PRO. 

All replacements, regardless of the plan, are provided with OEM parts. In some cases, parts may be lightly used or refurbished, but we ensure they are in excellent condition and effectively address the specific issue you are facing. Aftermarket, upgraded and non-OEM parts may be available at discounted prices, depending on the part. 

Canceling REV Guard & REV Guard PRO Coverage  Customers have the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, they will no longer be billed for REV Guard / REV Guard PRO, and coverage ends at the conclusion of the current billing cycle.  Once you have cancelled your subscription, you will be unable to enroll unless your device is brought into one of our service facilities and passes an inspection. 

Further Coverage Details  Only one coverage plan can be active on a single vehicle at any given time. Each individual vehicle must be covered by a separate subscription. While we allow transitioning from REV Guard PRO to REV Guard, we do not permit upgrading from REV Guard to REV Guard PRO. Please be aware that this plan covers replacement parts for physical damages to the covered personal electric vehicle of the purchasing subscriber only. It does not extend to bodily injury, property damage, or liability to any parties, including REV Rides. None of our plans cover intentional misuse, theft, loss, or damage resulting from acts of war, natural disasters, or any other external variables beyond our control. 

Summarized Terms and Conditions 

By purchasing REV Guard or REV Guard PRO, you agree to the terms and conditions specified by REV Rides. The program benefits, terms, and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of REV Rides, and subscribers will be notified of any changes at least one billing cycle in advance. The coverage plan is revocable and cancellable by REV Rides, and coverage is transferable to new owners with certain conditions. REV Rides reserves the right to discontinue or deny enrollment at its own discretion. Failure due to aftermarket changes made to the device.  REV Guard & REV Guard PRO will not honor claims related to electrical failure if the device’s electrical components or wiring have been modified, intentional damage or misuse of the device, or damage caused by improper repair. Customers can cancel their REV Guard / REV Guard PRO subscription at any time, and specific details regarding further coverage and limitations are outlined in the general REV Rides Terms of Service. 

With REV Rides' REV Guard and REV Guard PRO, you can confidently ride all year round, knowing that your personal electric vehicles are covered by our unrivaled service and protection plans.