REV Rides is the Premier Recreational Electric Vehicle Dealer in the US


Frequently Asked Questions

REV stands for Recreational Electric Vehicles. R.E.V.’s are the future of motorized recreation. We coined this term because we are passionate about motorized recreation BUT we also take our environmental impact seriously. The days of big bore hot rods and 2-stroke screaming dirt-bikes is over. Get your adrenaline pumping with an environmentally conscious R.E.V.!

We would love to offer free shipping but electric scooters are expensive to ship because they are heavy and considered hazardous due to the lithium batteries. Customers are always welcome to pick-up their e-scooter at our shop in Vancouver Washington, our showroom in Portland Oregon or arrange their own shipping. Email for address and directions.


Due to the high tariffs in the USA on e-scooters we cannot cost effectively ship to customers outside of the USA. For non-USA based customers, please contact our partner, FalconPEV based in Singapore.

We offer a warranty of 6 months for any factory defect. At REV Rides, we are very careful to only sell brands that stand behind their products and who have good quality control in their factories. I personally visit the factory of any brand before we will sell it at REV Rides. It is important to note that warranty does not cover labor or shipping. Feel free to email for more details.

ZERO e-scooters are water resistant just in case you get caught in the rain. However, it is important to know that water damage is not covered under warranty. Electric scooters should not be ridden in the rain or through puddles.

Each city in the United States has a different policy or no documented policy yet. This mode of transportation is amazing but relatively new. REV Rides does not guarantee that our e-scooters will be legal to ride in your city. Please check your local regulations.

Most cities have adopted policies where e-scooters can be ridden in bike lanes and on the shoulder of the road. Speed limits vary but generally cities expect you to ride at or below normal bicycle speeds of 15-20 mph.

Electric scooters, when owned personally and not part of a dockless ride-share program, are a GREAT and FUN way of getting around a city! REV rides is passionate about the industry of R.E.V’s so we kindly ask that all of our customers ride with the upmost respect for pedestrians, law enforcement and car drivers. Also, please park your scooter where it does not block ADA access, fire hydrants or pedestrian walkways.

If you are the owner of a bike shop, a skateboard company or a general retail center and would like to sell ZERO scooters in your store, we have a program just for you. Please email for more detail.

We are here for you so don’t hesitate to contact us. An electric scooter is a big purchase and we want to make sure you have your questions answered and feel confident in your choice to purchase from REV Rides.