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Introducing NAVEE Electric Scooters

The Essential Urban Commuter Electric Scooter Lineup
NAVEE V40 Electric Scooter
Budget-Friendly Commuter eScooter
NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter
Long Distance and Portability 
NAVEE S65C Electric Scooter
Dual Suspension Design
NAVEE Scooter red dot winner

NAVEE Electric Scooter Features

Portable Electric Scooter

The Safest Electric Scooters

  • All NAVEE Electric Scooters are UL Certified and UL Listed - which ensures quality, safety, legality, and performance in every scooter.
  • All NAVEE Electric Scooters are IP55 water and dust resistant, so you can ride on any terrain at any time.
  • NAVEE Electric Scooters feature extremely durable full-metal frame designs, and undergo extreme testing to ensure maximum safety and durability.
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Rechargeable electric scooter

Designed For Commuters

  • Offering an intuitive and simple folding mechanism, NAVEE Scooters easily fold to bring on the bus, up stairs, and store away at school, home, or work.
  • 10" Pneumatic tires (Self-healing on S65C) offer unparalleled ride comfort and performance on the streets, gravel, and dirt. Go anywhere with NAVEE Electric scooters.
  • Diverse configurations of features such as rotating handlebars, dual suspension, and varying battery sizes enables a personalized riding experience, so you get the right ride at the right price.
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NAVEE Electric Scooter Comparison

Specification NAVEE V40 NAVEE V50 NAVEE S65C
Max. Range 25 Miles 31 Miles 40 Miles
Max. Speed 20 MPH 20 MPH 20 MPH
Motor 600W 700W 800W
Connectivity Full management via NAVEE App Full management via NAVEE App Full management via NAVEE App
Tires 10" Pneumatic Tires 10" Pneumatic Tires 10" Self-sealing tubeless tires
Max. Incline 15% 20% 22%
Brakes Front E-ABS + Rear Disc Brake Front E-ABS + Rear Disc Brake Front Drum Brakes + Rear E-ABS
Battery 36V 7.8Ah 36V 10.4Ah 36V 15Ah
Water Resistance IP55 IP55 IP55
Headlight 1.9W Auto-sensing 1.9W Auto-sensing 2.5W
Taillight and brake light automatic Yes Yes Yes
Product Size Unfolded (L*W*H) 44.9*19.0*46.8 inches 44.9*19.0*46.8 inches 48.4*21.1*50.6 inches
Product Size Folded (L*W*H) 44.9*19.0*19.3 inches 44.9*19.0*19.3 inches 48.4*20.9*22.2 inches
Scooter Weight 36 lbs 37 lbs 60 lbs
Max Riding Weight 265 lbs 265 lbs 265 lbs
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