About us

REV stands for Recreational Electric Vehicles. We are firm believers that REVs are the not only the future of motorized recreation, but the solution for traffic and the relief of the stress of daily commuting. We coined this term because we are passionate about motorized recreation but we also take our environmental impact seriously.

REV Rides is at the forefront of the REV movement. We stay ahead by maintaining high standard customer service and being the one-stop-shop for all the  information you need.

You may notice that our selection of REVs are very limited. This is purposeful. We get to know each product we sell inside and out in addition to forming a strong relationship with the company behind each product. We don’t just carry any REV on the market, we only carry the best.

If you want to know any more information about REV Rides, get in touch with us. We always love chatting about the world of recreational electric vehicles.

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