REV stands for Recreational Electric Vehicles. We are firm believers that electric vehicles are the not only the future of motorized recreation, but the solution for traffic and the relief of the stress of daily commuting. We are your one-stop-shop for all things recreational electric vehicles. From rides to parts and accessories, REV Rides is expanding the world you ride in and is dedicated to keeping you there.


REV Rides is at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement. We stay ahead by maintaining high standard customer service and being a source for all the information you need. We pride ourselves in creating a relationship with our customers. Our goal is to ensure that each every customer has an excellent buying experience and is confident that we will stand behind each vehicle that leaves our shop.

We provide industry leading personal electric vehicles, equipping our sales and service providers with expert knowledge to supply a full range of parts for many PEV’s. Through community events, sponsoring riders and collaborating with lifestyle content creators, we inspire people to experience the freedom of personal electric vehicles.


Our team of engaged enthusiasts have years of execution experience and repair knowledge. What ever problem or questions you have about the top selling personal electric vehicles, we're here to help.


If you want to know any more information about REV Rides, get in touch with us. We always love chatting about the world of recreational electric vehicles.