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REV Rides carries electric bikes suitable for daily commutes, to the fastest, most powerful electric street bikes, dirt bikes, and pit-bikes available. Like Aventon electric bikes, a popular, reliable and convenient electric bike for daily riders looking for moderate exercise or to  commutating to school, work, or even use on road-trips! Voltaic makes some of the best electric dirt bikes for kids, with full suspension, 2 power modes, and replicable batteries, it's endless fun for the family! One of our flagship e-motos, the e Ride Pro SS electric dirt bike, is one of the most exciting  bikes we've released since the Segway X160/X260 eBikes. E Ride Pro is often compared to Sur Ron, Segway and Talaria dirt e-motos.  With its' 60mph top speed, instant torque torque, and 72v battery system, the E Ride Pro SS is the fastest, most powerful electric dirt bike you can buy in stock form, leaving its competitors in the dust! When comparing the e Ride Pro to Talaria, Sur Ron, or Segway -- the price to performance you get with the e Ride Pro  is clear.

REV Rides is an authorized dealer for e Ride Pro, Talaria, Voltaic, Apollo, ONYX, and EBOX pit-bikes, among other e-bike and e-moto manufacturers.  Most e-bikes and electric dirt bikes are covered by a 24-month manufacturers warranty and supported by REV Rides’ top-rated customer service and technical experts.