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NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter

NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter

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Introducing the all-new Navee V50 electric scooter. One of the best choices for explorers, commuters, and people looking for alternatives to walking, driving, or public transportation. Portability, reliability & safety are the hallmarks of Navee’s design approach. IP55 water and dust resistance, and a UL certification makes the Navee V50 a leader in safety, reliability, and electric scooter innovation. The one-handed folding design reduces the V50’s footprint by 66%, allowing for convenient storage, and transport anywhere in the city!

The NAVEE V50 Smart Electric Scooter is the perfect commuting companion for smooth rides, leisure travel, and easy commuting. With its powerful 700W motor, you can easily climb up to 20% max incline and hit speeds up to 20 MPH! The 10-inch pneumatic tires provide an ultra-smooth ride, while the long-lasting battery offers up to 31 miles of range on a single charge. Plus, this electric scooter is packed with modern tech features like an auto-sensing headlight, front/rear LED lights, a hidden compartment for your personal tracking devices, and a suspended LED dashboard.
What really sets this scooter apart is its unique and compact folding design. NAVEE's innovative folding is designed so you can store your scooter and carry your scooter through the tightest spaces. With this unique folding system, the NAVEE V50 saves more than 66% of storage space, compared to typical escooters.

Powerful Electric Motor
Equipped with a peak 700W power motor and a more scientific and comfortable algorithm control, the NAVEE V50 provides a thrilling, controlled ride. This portable electric scooter climbs faster and provides a smoother riding experience with its ability to effectively climb 20%.  Top Speed 20mph.

10-Inch Pneumatic Tires
NAVEE Electric Scooter V50 adopts 10-inch pneumatic tires, making the electric kick scooter able to safely surpass obstacles and easily pass over speed bumps. These top-of-the-line tires provide you with safe, maintenance-free, and comfortable riding.

Long-Lasting Battery with 25-Mile Range
Efficient energy recovery system, combined with innovative tire texture, increases the range by 15% compared to other scooters. The NAVEE Electric Scooter is equipped with a 36V 10.4Ah battery with a max travel range of up to 25 Miles, making it the perfect daily commuter scooter.

Best Compact Folding Design for Maximum Portability
Easily and conveniently carry your scooter around crowded aisles or small spaces with the V50's double-rotation folding design. This specialized folding design allows you to fold your scooter to almost a third of its unfolded size by folding the scooter and handlebars, saving you more than 66% of the storage compared with other e-scooters. The compact folding size of this electric scooter makes it one of the most portable scooters on the market. Plus, its light weight of 37.5 lbs makes it easy to transport wherever you want to go.

Ergonomics Suspended LED Display
With the V50's LED display, you can conveniently see your scooter's Speed Level, Battery Life, Real-Time Speed, and Vehicle Status right at your fingertips.

Dual Brake System with Additional Safety Features
NAVEE V50 electric scooter applies a dual brake system: a front E-ABS with a rear disc brake. The V50 also adopts an auto-sensing headlight, an IP55 waterproof rating, and a bright taillight to ensure every rider's safety on the road.

3 Speed Modes
The NAVEE V50 commuting electric scooter is equipped with 3 different speed modes: (1) Pedestrian mode, (2) Standard mode, and (3) Sport mode. Top Speed 20mph.

Convenient, Foldable & Portable Lightweight Design


This vehicle comes with a 24-month limited warranty against factory defects.

At REV Rides we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us.

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NAVEE V50 Electric scooter riding
NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter
Long Range Portable Electric Scooter
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter jump
Long Range Electric Scooter
Up to 31 miles distance on one charge
Ideal for long-distance rides and commuting
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter tire wheel
Big 700W Electric Motor
Ride steep hills on the NAVEE V50
Great for riding around town and up hills
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter carrying
Extremely Compact Design
Fit the NAVEE V50 in tight spaces
Rotating handlebars allow storage in slim spaces

NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter Features

NAVEE V50 Electric scooter technology
Long-Range Electric Kick Scooter
The big-battery sibling to the NAVEE V40, the NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter features a rotating handlebar system, Which allows it to fit in tight spaces with ease. Built with an enormous UL Certified 374Wh battery, the NAVEE V50 is a great electric scooter for all urban riders.
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter technology
Long-Range Electric Kick Scooter
The big-battery sibling to the NAVEE V40, the NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter features a rotating handlebar system, Which allows it to fit in tight spaces with ease. Built with an enormous UL Certified 374Wh battery, the NAVEE V50 is a great electric scooter for all urban riders.
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter UL Listed
Enjoy Premium Quality And Design
All NAVEE Electric Scooters are UL Certified and IP55 weather resistant - which ensures quality, safety, and performance in every scooter.
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter Certified
Amazing Features, Engineered for Safety
Including dual brakes, support for Airtag tracking, and a high-visibility 3.5" ergonomic display, the NAVEE V50 is feature packed, and engineered to last.

NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter Specifications

NAVEE V50 Electric scooter Specs

NAVEE V50 Electric Scooter

  • Max. Range: 31 Miles
  • Max. Speed: 20 MPH
  • Motor: 700W
  • Connectivity: Full management via NAVEE App
  • Tires: 10" Pneumatic Tires
  • Max. Incline: 20%
  • Brakes: Front E-ABS + Rear Disc Brake
  • Battery: 36V 10.4Ah
  • Water Resistance: IP55
  • Headlight: 1.9W Auto-sensing
  • Taillight and brake light automatic
  • Product Size Unfolded (L*W*H): 44.9*19.0*46.8 inches
  • Product Size Folded (L*W*H): 44.9*19.0*19.3 inches
  • Scooter Weight: 37 lbs
  • Max Riding Weight: 265 lbs
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter Size
NAVEE V50 Electric scooter Deck Width

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Blake Rayburn
Navee v50

It goes pretty good but when it comes to hills it really is not the best but straight ground is good not a bad ride.

Oscar M
Great scooter! A bit heavy!

A great scooter. Arrives fully assembled and it's solid. But it's a bit heavy. Will be hard to commute with, and steering rod catch is not very well designed. Also wish there was a way to personalize it. That said, app allows locking, has spot for AirTag and it's just an awesome ride. Great price too!

Norberto Nunes
Nice scooter, great features but had some issues.

Let me start with the Pros:
This is my first electric scooter. I really like how smooth it operates, gets up to speed and holds it as advertised (on flat ground, understandably). Struggled a bit with hills. The twist handlebar is a nice feature allows me to store it nicely in our truck bed for camping. Honestly i'm very happy with the scooter. However, there were some pit.

The cons:
- The throttle sticks and is a safety hazard, in my opinion.
- Battery life/range seems over estimated.
- I had an issue with the scooter the first time I went to use it (after a test ride on our street). I had Error 11. I reached out to both the Navee and Revrides for support.
- It took rev rides 1 week (5 business days) to respond to the initial request for help through their ticket system. Seemed like a long time. Unsure of how good their resolution would have been Navee was already taking care of me.
- Navee quickly suggested changing the PCB board. Initially they wanted me to ship the scooter back for repair, I didn't want to loose all that time with it and I'm handy. So they agreed to send the part to me. It worked out well and I got it replaced, scooter was working. Problem was the rubber mat/decking needed to be removed to gain access. When it was removed the adhesive came off and could not be reused, the mat had like a fiber/cloth backing so any attempts to glue it down would have not been great. I asked them for a replacement rubber mat (with new adhesive) they said to just go buy double sided tape and re-attach it. I was not impressed with that reply being that I was performing the repair for them and saving them 2 way shipping on the scooter. If the scooter would have gone back for repair, I assume the mat would have needed to be replaced anyway. I replied explaining the scooter was new and they should sent a new mat, and they did without much more fuss.

I am happy that the scooter is running now and happy that Navee allowed me to repair it, just a bit turned off at not sending the replacement mat initially.


I’ve been constantly having to purchase inner tubes for this item

Steven VanCauwenbergh

Great build! Love the handle bar twist and quality