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Hoyt St Tabor

Hoyt St Tabor

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Every Hoyt St electric skateboard is locally designed, engineered and assembled by a dedicated team of avid builders and riders.  We understand the rigors of the road and build each board to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.  

Our traditional skate inspired bamboo and fiberglass decks and proprietary chemical and puncture resistance enclosures combine to offer that Hoyt aesthetic at a competitive pricing.  Jessup Roam grip tape with ultra course grit delivers optimal traction and durability.  Deck hardware is chromed stainless steel for that special Hoyt touch that will keep your fellow riders drooling.

Our Hoyt St ROSitA (Rake, Offset and Split Angle) Trucks, CNC 6061 aluminum, were designed in conjunction with an aspiring pro downhill longboarder to optimize the balance between stability and carvability.  While so stable they are nearly impossible to speed wobble, the carve has not been compromised; the Hoyt St Tabor has a 12 foot turning radius!  Designed with adjustable angle and self tensioning mounts to ensure your time is spent on the road rather than adjusting your drive train.  Riptide Sports bushings, the best in the industry and proudly made in Oregon, come standard.

The drivetrain is a monster with battle hardened 190kv, 3400W, 100A motors and a 48:15 gear ratio.  The R&D to create the only 5” tires in the industry was a 4 year odyssey.  Designed and manufactured specifically for eskate, they have undergone a rigorous 40 hour speed rating certification.  CNC 6061 aluminum rims and high quality HTD belts complete the package.

Naturally, the industry benchmark remote control - the Hoyt St Puck - leverages channel hopping to ensure supreme connectivity in a comfortable, ambidextrous form.  The power button can be clicked once to indicate Puck power level or twice to lock the throttle and avoid a runaway board when you put the Puck in your pocket or backpack.  There are three modes to allow riders of all skill levels to safely enjoy the board.

Our in-house battery supplier, Duck Battery Systems, meticulously designs and builds each battery with the abuse of eskate specifically in mind.  The 12s4p, 6p or 8p Molicel P42A battery in the belly of the beast is everything you’ll need for torque, speed, range and reliability.  The high speed 8A charger requires 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 hours to fully charge the board depending on battery size.

The Hoyt St Tabor has a top speed of over 35mph and a range of up to 50 miles depending on riding style and conditions. 

Note:  Silver rims no longer available (black only).

Generally shipping between 1 and 3 weeks.

For more images and videos, please visit out video and photo galleries on our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube pages.

  • Speed:  35+ MPH
  • Range:  12S4P: 25+ // 12S6P: 37+ // 12S8P: 50+ Miles 
  • Grade:   As much as traction allows
  • Weight: 12S4P: 38 lbs // 12S6P: 41.5 lbs // 12S8P 44 lbs
  • Urethane Option: 111mm Abec 11 Zoobomb Urethane
  • Pneumatic Option: The Hoyt St 5" Pneumatics
  • 2 in 1 Combo:  111s and 5", including all associated pulleys and belts
  • All 2 in 1 Combo will ship with 5" Pneumatic installed
  • Board will accept 6"/150mm max diameter wheels.
  • 12s4p Battery Size Option will not be available until September 2023

Shipping only to USA and Canada at this time.

Included with purchase: skateboard and charger, remote control and charge cord, and skate tools.  Rear handle/motor guard sold separately!

Product Specifications:

Passenger airlines compatibility Non-compatible 
Deck Dimensions 38"/97cm length, 11.5"/29cm width
Top deck Bamboo and glass fiber
Weight 12S8P 38lbs/17kg
Wheelbase 31.5"/80cm
Trucks 6061 CNC aluminum 13", 10mm axle
Wheels 5"(123mm) pneumatics
Gear Ratio pneumatics 48:15, urethane 42:15 
Belts HTD 375-5M-15
Motor mount 6061 CNC aluminum alloy ROSITA trucks with variable angle motor mounts and spring loaded belt tensioning.
Water resistance Splash resistant
Motor (each) 190kv 95A
Voltage 43.2V nominal
Watt hours 12s4p- 726 WH
12s6p- 1,058 WH
12s8p- 1,411 WH
Battery chemistry Li-ion Molicel P42A 21700
Remote control Hoyt Puck 2.4Ghz proprietary channel hopping
Remote control shell Black nylon 
Remote control dimensions 70mm x 65mm. Micro USB charging cable included.
Charger 8A, 110V AC
Owners Manual: Download Owner's Manual By Clicking Here


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