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Begode MTen4 750Wh

Begode MTen4 750Wh

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Also available with a 300Wh battery. click here.
An EUC That Fits in Your Backpack. Successor to the much loved MTen3, the MTen4 is the latest (and smallest) micro EUC from Begode. At just 13" tall, you can hop on the bus, store in a cubby, or carry with one hand.

Deceivingly MIGHTY. Though the MTen4 is fun-sized, it is full of powerful features like the torque happy 1000 Watt motor, a bright 5000 Lumen headlight and LED taillights, massive LCD display, and adjustable spiked pedals. This wheel is full-sized in features.

Get where you're going. Pushing a 750Wh battery and 1000W motor, you've got the range and power to get there and back. The 11" urban all terrain tire leaves you to decide whether you'll take roads or brave the trail.

Looking for a great tire upgrade? try the PMT 11"x4" race tire!
SPECS Begode MTen4
Battery Capacity 750Wh
Motor 1000w
Size ~ 13" x 12" x 16"
Range ~15-30 miles (15mph in ideal conditions)
Top Speed ~35mph (free-spin speed. Real world speed varies on rider weight, wind resistance and battery level)
Tire Size 11"
Weight ~29 lbs
Volts 84 Volts


This vehicle comes with a 24-month limited warranty against factory defects.

At REV Rides we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great wheel have had minimal problems minus a bent axel which rev rides quoted $520 dollars for a new motor. Quite steep when you can go buy the entire wheel granted is the smaller battery version but for 499.

Dalton Bliese
Pocket unicycle

Mten4 is a great companion wheel for me. I only commute by euc - even the mten4 being slightly larger and heavier than prior mtens, fits perfectly in my backpack and acts as a form of micromobility when I need to get around an area while I charge whatever bigger wheel I am riding. Its the perfect device for me and my use case and highly recommend the product. The value is there, the resale value will be maintained, solid Investment, super customizable. Control board is as easily accessible as an s18 or s22. This makes for easy, functional mods. There is an 84v pin for voltage display or step down converter to add additional function or power supply to other wheel electronics. The cover is a opaque black, so I mounted a matrix display from Amazon under the handle that runs in parallel off of the tail light matrix display.

The best part? There is no shell, no inner shell. The frame is welded metal. Super durable. Wheels with replaceable plastic chassis have a higher cost of ownership due to the susceptibility of damage to plastic chassis with no structural support support or rigidity evenly distributed.

This means less parts. Less parts means lower chances of needing to search and source replacement parts. Begode wheels are widely known to use parts that are hard to find, inaccessible, not made, or the quality is just bad.

Also, this is a great wheel to leave around when hanging out with other peb riders - it's very inviting for people. I'll bring it with to a group event, leave it out for people to grab and see folks start to jump on and see if they can learn to ride. Its very satisfying. It creates engagement with non euc riders I don't really see too frequently.