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Surron/Segway GLE BAC4000

Surron/Segway GLE BAC4000

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The GLE version of the ASI BAC4000 is the only full featured controller system with the GLE DASHBOARD display app and compatible with other displays such as the Egg Rider v2 and APT displays. This kit is the ONLY kit that allows you to create, backup and restore custom profiles. We also include an independent progressive regen brake lever and guarantee compatibility with all existing and future motors. The GLE Dashboard allows you to  tune and configure every aspect of your vehicle including throttle feel, diagnostic, telemetry and dyno capabilities. This is a hassle free ready to run Plug and Play Kit. Green Line Engineering Inc. tunes and programs the controller with the most enabled features on the market with the power potential of 33,000 watts !!

Surron/Segway controller upgrade (Full Kit)

- Includes the highly anticipated GLE DASHBOARD tuner, diagnostic and dyno app. 

- Includes plug and play harness

- Includes Regen Brake lever

- Multiple braking modes ( lever regen, throttle off regen, combination of both, cut engine etc. ) All separately and independently tunable! 

- Includes mounting brackets

- Includes motor phase extended cables 

- Easy Plug and Play Foot Brake feature enabled (foot brake sold separately) 

- The most Flush mounting system 

- The highest mounted controller system, avoiding water, mud, dirt and debris from accumulating on the controller inputs. 

- Compatible with the Egg Rider V2 (sold separately)

- GLE Enduro Heatsink sold separately 

- Can easily hot swap in seconds between different batteries with the GLE Dashboard app, for example easily swap between 60 volt and 72 volt batteries and back down. 

-The custom programming and harness avoids crossing the high temperature controller and motor phase wires with the custom harness and thus avoids the potential of any short circuits. All other kit providers leave large gaps after the installation and cross their harness with phase wires creating the potential for an electrical short circuit. 

This kit is also great for ; 

Motorcycle gas to electric conversions or full E builds 

Quad and ATV gas to electric conversions or full E builds 

Pedicabs and tourist industry vehicles 

Golf Kart electric vehicle builds and conversions 

Quad and ATV electric vehicle builds and conversions

Racing Electric Go Kart Builds 

These units are optimized for the latest in Lithium Ion battery technology and utilize the latest in field-oriented vector control (FOC) as well as ASI’s Proprietary adaptive sensorless start algorithms. ASI Controllers feature auto-tuning and are capable of delivering up to 95% of a motors maximum locked rotor torque without the need for complicated position sensors.

Nom. Voltage 36 - 72V Volts
Peak Current 430 A-DC
Auto Tuning Yes
Sensorless Start Adaptive
IP Rating IPx5 (with fully populated connectors)
QC Verification 100% EOL Test under load
Additional Available Protocols TTL 485, Bluetooth, LIN, CAN
60 Day Warranty Provided. 
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