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Shinko R525 for Surron, E-ride pro, Talaria and more...

Shinko R525 for Surron, E-ride pro, Talaria and more...

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SHINKO Hybrid Cheater R525 

This is the ultimate rear tire upgrade for your Eride Pro, Surron, OR Talaria! Shinko's specially formulated "sticky" rubber compound offers unparalleled grip on any terrain. It's the tire that inspired Many to offer a 16" Rear Wheel upgrade. Unlike 18" or 19" options, the Shinko Cheater 16" tire is tailor-made to fit your ERide pro or E-moto perfectly, ensuring optimal performance. Upgrade today and experience the difference!

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Hybrid Cheater intermediate terrain Enduro/Extreme single track trail tire finds traction in the most extreme conditions.
  • The Cheater Hybrids a soft sticky trials style rubber compound on a moto-style carcass
  • Tread design and unique rubber compound works well in a wide variety of soil conditions
  • Where a Trials tire falls short in braking and loose soil conditions, the 525 Cheater bridges that gap to make it the Ultimate Hybrid off-road tire
  • "It's almost like cheating" The 525 has an open tread pattern that shines in soft/loose and loamy terrain
  • Adds confidence even in the most demanding terrain
  • Now available in 16" size for the smaller bikes
  • NHS (Not for Highway Service)


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Permitted Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max Load @ Tube Type
 87-4326S 110/100-18 M 64 2.15~3.00 26.65 in. 4.29 in. 33 psi Tube
 87-4328S 110/90-19 M 62 2.15~3.00 26.81 in. 4.29 in. 33 psi Tube
 87-4381S 120/90-19 M 66 2.50~3.00 27.48 in. 4.69 in. 33 psi Tube
 87-4382S 120/100-18 M 68 2.50~3.00 27.44 in. 4.69 in. 33 psi Tube
 87-4383S 90/100-16 M 51 1.85~2.50 23.07 in. 3.54 in. 33 psi Tube


  • Surron Light Bee X
  • Segway X260
  • Segway X160
  • Talaria Sting MX3
  • Talaria XXX
  • Talaria Sting MX4
  • Eride Pro
  • Eride pro SS
  • Eride pro SR
  • 79bike Falcon-M
  • Surron Ultra Bee
  • Talaria Dragon
  • Rawrr Mantis
  • Apollo/RFN Ares Rally Pro
  • Beta Explorer Emoto
  • Malaguti Xam
  • GoWow Ori
  • GoWow Alpha
  • Rerode R1
  • Land Moto District / Street
  • Land Moto District / Scrambler
  • Surron Light bee S
  • Onyx RCR
  • Onyx CTY
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