Segway Dirt eBike X160/ X260

Segway Dirt eBike is an eco-friendly electric-powered dirt bike that has superior off-road performance. Built to be a performance electric dirt bike for all user types, Segway Dirt eBike is compact, lightweight, affordable, easy to maintain, learn and master. The Segway Dirt eBike makes it possible for more people than ever to participate in exciting off-road adventures that they could only dream of before.

Segway Dirt eBike

Off-roading is Now More Electric Than Ever, the First Electric Dirt Bike by Segway.
segway dirt bike electric sur ron
Segway sur ron dirt ebike specs range speed max incline unit weight x160
sur ron segway specs electric dirt bike
Sur Ron Segway dirt ebike specs range speed max incline unit weight x260
Sur Ron Segway Ninebot dirt ebike bike electric wheely stunts x260
Sur Ron Segway dirt ebike electric bike off road sepcs charging lights brake
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike trail riding downhill

Turn Key Data Connection

What makes Segway Dirt eBike smart is that it can be paired with the Segway-Ninebot App for riders to track their riding stats and route. Two riding modes are available to suit the needs of riders at different levels. Sport Mode is for those craving for speed and EP Mode for those need for range.
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike app control sport mode for iphone and android
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike turn key app control
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike colors highly customization

Highly Customizable

Compatible with almost all bike parts, the eBike can be easily refitted to your individual needs with endless possibilities. Riders can modify and rebuild to create the eBike that best fits their demands. The length of the frame and the seat height is also adjustable to fit users of different heights and sizes.
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike battery swap changable long range

Quick-Swap Battery for Limitless Range

Segway Dirt eBike Battery is swappable and can be exchanged for a new fully charged battery in seconds. From now on, it is time to say goodbye to those regular time-consuming charging methods. Segway presents swappable batteries to take you further through your journeys.
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike suspension travel shocks

Superior Shock Reduction

Multi-link hydraulic spring central rear suspension (TR suspension) coupled with the double-shoulder inverted front fork, Segway's latest in-house developed suspension system is designed to make off-roading powerful yet comfortable.
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike photos silver

Low Maintenance and Fully Electric

We naturally perceive off-road bikes as energy-consuming and high-maintenance, but Segway sweeps out all that obstacles by creating a fully electric-powered dirt bike. Forget about all the money and greasiness you have to bear in maintaining any gas-powered bikes. Segway Dirt eBike will never ask you to buy gas, replace filter, spark plugs, engine oil or timing belt.
Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike battery fast charge x260 snap and go fast

Fast Charge

Segway is working with the market-leading battery partner, Panasonic, to provide eBike with a high-quality battery of optimal capacity. Renowned for the safety and durability, Panasonic also serves as the battery provider for high-end electric car brands, such as Tesla. The eBike battery, fully charged in 3-4 hours, can deliver 74.6 miles range (X260) in one single charge.

Product Specs

Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike specs compare models seat height mileage tire brakes brake gears power

Premium Quality, Better Prices

Sur Ron segway ninebot dirt ebike electric bike compare to zero FX Cake Kalk KTM SX-E 5 weight torque mileage top speed

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Kenny Level

Great shop with large selection of e scooters and bikes. They had all the cool models instock.

Ray Ramos
The True Definition of Customer Service

The customer associate who helped me was friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and shared my enthusiasm for my purchase (Segway) which made the buying experience phenomenal. The bike is incredible and I will be purchasing another one soon but I will only buy one from the Rev Rides team! Thank you

Randy Nelson
2 times the fun

Wow better then expected, my son and i ride these everyday around the farm. Can't wait to take them camping

Great Service!

Purchased a Segway x260 after a lot of research on my own. The RevRide representative Minon was THE reason I finally purchased the bike. I had called a lot of other places around the area and no one really seemed as interested, engaged and knowledgeable as Minon to help me. He also was genuinely helpful in figuring out how to get the bike home (we don't have a truck and live in Portland). Thanks Minon!
The bike itself is great, though through research, has a lot of areas that should be/could be upgraded. I believe that's partially why the Segway was able to keep the price so cheap. I think it would be interesting to have a bit more information on upgrade recommendations/advice from Revrides, but I also understand that many upgrades are aftermarket and not necessarily Segway branded.
I referred a few other friends to Revrides after my own experience and would happily continue to recommend them!

john phillips
Excellent experience

I ordered this x260 from these nice folks ar Rev rides.ultra smooth in every way!highly recommend these guys and these bikes!

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