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Ride on motocross Lift / Stand RR1

Ride on motocross Lift / Stand RR1

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Ride Off the Track and Onto Your Stand

New and Improved patented design! No more lifting and grunting, or trying to kick a motorcycle lift under your bike. Simply push or ride the bike onto the lowered lift. As the front tire touches the front plate, the lift goes into action rising to the bottom of the motorcycle frame. Step on the foot pedal and your bike will rise effortlessly into a secure position. Getting your bike down is just as effortless and simple.

No Lifting Required

RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand
RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand
Roll onto stand
Roll or ride your bike onto the stand
RR1 walk sequence step 3
Stand Lifts Up
As the front wheel goes over the front of the RR1 the stand will rise to the bottom of the bike
RR1 walk sequence step 4
Press foot lever
Standing on the foot lever will raise the bike off the ground
RR1 walk sequence step 5
Bike is up
Bike is ready to work on or leave until the next race. For added safety attach the locking pin

RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand in the garage with a red honda dirt bike sitting on it

Lightweight Construction

The RR1's large stable footprint and high quality durable construction, weighs in at only 17 lbs.

RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand by RISK

RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand close up

Stable Design

The a large riveted rubber traction top features oil drain hole. The included locking pin allows extra security during repairs or maintenance

True Innovation to the MX Bike Stand


Ride off the track and directly onto your lift

Sturdy construction and powder coat finish

Large, durable rubber mat on top to grip the bike

Lockable in the up or down position

Oil drain hole

Lightweight at only 17 lbs

Works with MX-specific bikes 85cc-450cc

The most innovative motocross lift or stand on the market

What's Included

Risk Racing RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand
RR1 Ride-On Lift Stand

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