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Lewis Tech Ep8+ Hydraulic Disc Brake REAR BRAKE Only

Lewis Tech Ep8+ Hydraulic Disc Brake REAR BRAKE Only

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Lewis Tech: How much braking power do you want?
All Surron/Talria Riders: YES.

The Electric bike/ Electric Moto Brake game has leveled up.

Are you ready for the monster? This is an epic moment for E-Moto riders, get that chance to be one of the first in the world to own the latest TECH from LEWIS! 

EST Arrival to USA MID to Late Spring

These a are a 8 piston Brake caliper Made specifically for Surron, Talaria, Apollo Rfn, and many more E-moto bikes coming on the scene. As you start Adding power to these bikes You start seeing more and more the need for better brakes. This Will solve all of your Braking issues, brake fade, and lack of power & feel in your brakes. Lewis Tech is Paving a path in the World of brakes for Ebike and Mountain bikes!

Not only are these massive calipers coming but They also Will have a Insane New brake master cylinder the system will Run off the best Brake fluid with the Highest boiling points DOT 5.1 .

Huge lever force and contact surface area give you the most powerful brakes ever!

Expanded oil reservoir, high operating heat DOT 5.1 oil, cooling pad fins and the monster size create excellent heat dissipation. It perfectly solves the problem of insufficient braking force and thermal decay of Surron and similar E-Moto bikes.

Fully adjustable lever reach and biting point!

Included: Adapter mount for Surron light bee, Brake pads, 165cm hose length, 8 Piston caliper, braided hoses, Big reservoir Lever & all fully bled ready to ride system.

INFO: Brake lever is By-directional, can be used for left or right hand setup.

Not Included: We strongly recommend to use Lewis 3mm thick Rotor. 

These are set for a Spring release Rear is only availible for Pre- Order at the moment. 

If you are interested Please send us a Email and we can get you on a list 



  • Surron Light Bee X
  • Segway X260
  • Segway X160
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