Electric Scooter Disc Brake Rotor


Disc Brake Rotor for ZERO and VSETT model scooters. Sold as single rotor


**Always measure your rotor before purchase to confirm fitment**


  • ZERO 9 Front
  • ZERO 8X Front & Rear
  • VSETT 9 Front and Rear
  • VSETT 9+ Front and Rear


  • ZERO 10 Front and Rear
  • ZERO 10X Front and Rear
  • VSETT 10+ Front and Rear
  • VSETT 11+ Front and Rear


  • ZERO 10X Front and Rear
  • VSETT 10+ Front and Rear
  • VSETT 11+ Front and Rear


  • VSETT 11+

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Thomas Rumsey

Electric Scooter Disc Brake Rotor

Daniel Cole

Electric Scooter Disc Brake Rotor

Francisco Ortiz
Break Rotor 145mm

I was customer with Revrides since May of 2022, buying various items for a Zero 9 when i first started out. I made a purchase for a set of 145mm break rotors and other parts for my Zero 10x Ironman project I am working on. When I received the rotors one of them was bent pretty badly. I contacted them through email inform them the rotor was bent. I received an email asking for a photo of the bent rotor. I sent the a photo of it mounted on. I marked the areas with a sharpie to show where it was bent. I get an email with a link to a tool to tune the rotor back into its original shape. I was pretty upset when I relieved that email saying go buy a tool to fix my problem. I was furious at that point after reading that, since I use my scooter to commute to work almost 20 miles a day on very busy roads. I couldn't ride my scooter to work because of the bent rotor, which i eneded up buying some floating rotors on Amazon. I was going to purchase 2 VSETT 11+ SUPER 72V scooters one for myself and one for my son.

When I received a third email saying we will send you a new rotor just pay the shipping cost which was $5, I was like are you freaking kidding me here! At that point I was like I'm done with Revrides after this.
I will take my business elsewhere, if this were my company I would of made it better than right to keep a customer!

Hey Francisco, we're sorry that you had an issue with your order. Please reach out to us at Service@REVRides.com so we can assist you with sending out a replacement.

timothy keidel
Vsett 10 + product

Happy as always thanks Rev rides

Jack Green
145mm Disk Rotor

I put it on my v set 10 + and it was fantastic. Worked as expected and was thicker than expected.
Delivery was fantastic.

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