8.5x2.5" Solid Tire for VSETT 9 Electric Scooters

Please see fitment info below before purchasing.

Eliminate flat tires by replacing your stock pneumatic tire with a Solid Honey Comb tire. These tire are a good option to increase reliability, but riders will see a decrease in traction and comfort. These tires are not recommended for aggressive riding.

Installation video: https://youtu.be/Np1NL2o2qSk (opens in a new window)


8.5 X 2.5:



Customer Reviews

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Not an easy install but worth no more flats

Not sure what the deal is with the vsett 9, but flat tire are every 3 to 4 weeks. Took me almost 2 hours to squeeze this hard tire on, but worth it even if speeds and soft ride are impacted. Finally good to go without flats!

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages

IMPORTANT: Make sure that when ordering these solid tires, you ask Rev Rides for the install guide screws, as shown in their video. They are NOT automatically included. Luckily I was able to go my local hardware store to buy some stuff that worked as a plan B. (80mm long M5 screws, nuts, and washers)

The tires themselves have some key advantages and disadvantages:

The good:
-No more flats! The single biggest advantage, especially when you consider all of the time lost and inconvenience that a flat tire provides
-No more constant PSI checks

The bad:
-The tire feels squishy. I am a ~200 pound rider riding on mainly flat concrete and pavement. The tire "feels flat". You can feel and hear the tire when turning. You don't want to ride as aggressive as you normally would, since the handling characteristics will be quite different.
-Weight. Make no mistake about it, the tire is heavy. You will most certainly drain more battery because of it, and carrying your scooter will be that much harder.
-Install is not difficult (no lubrication or heating of tire needed) provided that you have the right hardware and tools. Rev Rides has a nice video on it thats spot on.
-Weight Handling: it seems like this tire is not designed to hold up to a lot of weight. The tire gets quite hot sometimes after a ~9 mile ride, sometimes to the point of giving off a burning rubber smell. They show no deformities or excessive wear after 100 miles, though.

Acceleration is still good (double motors are really nice for quick take offs). Top speed is still the same. Comfort has not noticeably changed (suspension doing its job).

If you're doing great in your stock tires, don't change it. But if you're like me and had 4+ flats in 3 weeks being slimed, proper PSI, and tire liners, + a stock tire needing replacement due to exposed cables on a ~300 mile tire, you'll love the peace of mind and maintenance free aspect of the solid tire.

I run a hybrid stock tire front, solid back. Perfect setup.

Benjamin Levesque
Ifvyou can installed them there perfect

Really good tire so far good quality .they are really hard to install thought the gid let you believe it a 20 min things but if you're new at this it easily hours and request help from someone else it won't hurt.

Victor Reboucas
Quick and easy!

I bought extra tires for my VSett 9+ and other than the compatibility information available on the website it took less than a week to receive the package. Great experience!

Buy with caution @ ~255 lbs

If you're on the heavier end of the spectrum (I weigh 257 lbs), it's probably best to steer clear of these. When you turn, the holes compress and the steering becomes mushy and feels dangerous. You won't have flats, but you won't enjoy the ride either. For the record, I installed mine on the front. Not sure if the ride is better installing on back tire only.(Vsett 9+R rider here.)

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