PITCYCLE: Fortnite's New Ride & the Real-World Collide

PITCYCLE: Fortnite's New Ride & the Real-World Collide

PITCYCLE: Fortnite's New Ride and the Real-World Collide 

Hey there, fellow gamers and eco-conscious adventurers! Today, we've got an exciting story to tell, one that brings the virtual world of Fortnite and the real world of eco-friendly transportation (aka micromobility) together. Let's dive into the history of the electric unicycle (EUC) and how it's now grabbing the spotlight in Fortnite as the "PITCYCLE."

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The Journey of the Electric Unicycle (EUC) 

solowheel self balancing unicycle fortnite pitcycle

The electric unicycle, or EUC, has quietly rolled into the transportation scene over the past decade, and it's been quite a ride! These sleek, single-wheel wonders have been gaining popularity among commuters and thrill-seekers worldwide, in recent years. But how did we get here?

The Birth of EUC: The concept of a self-balancing unicycle dates back to the early 2000s, but it wasn't until the mid-2010s that EUCs as we know them today started to emerge. Pioneering companies like InMotion and Ninebot (Segway) led the charge in developing these nimble, electric-powered personal vehicles.

Rise of the EUC Community: EUC enthusiasts quickly formed a passionate and tight-knit community, sharing tips, tricks, and, most importantly, their love for these futuristic devices. They discovered that EUCs offered a fun, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way to navigate big cities and avoid traffic, explore off-road trails and jumps, and experience real-life adventures never before imagined.


Pitcycles in the Real World: Over time, electric unicycles have become a common sight in cities worldwide, helping commuters zip through traffic and reduce their carbon footprint. They're compact, agile, and require less space than traditional bicycles or scooters. Plus, they're just plain cool!

Now, let's bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds and explore how Fortnite has introduced the "PITCYCLE" to its diverse and extensive player base.


The Fortnite Connection

fortnite worlds biggest pitcycle jump

Fortnite, the mega-popular battle royale game, is known for its creativity and innovation. It recently added a new vehicle known as the "PITCYCLE," giving players a fresh way to traverse the island. But here's the twist: the PITCYCLE is essentially an electric unicycle!

Fortnite's decision to incorporate the PITCYCLE into its gameplay is a game-changer (pun intended) for the EUC community. It brings the concept of electric unicycles to the forefront of a demographic that includes millions of players from all walks of life, making it even more accessible and appealing.


Why REV Rides Is Excited About the PITCYCLE

fortnite pitcycle in real life

Fortnite's decision to introduce the PITCYCLE speaks volumes about the game's recognition of just how sweet Electric Unicycles are in real life, and they’re here to stay! Here's why REV Rides is excited about the PITCYCLE coming to Fortnite.

Fortnite is making the world curious about Electric Unicycles & micromobility: Just like riding EUCs in the real world, the PITCYCLE offers players the chance to navigate the map swiftly and gracefully. It's perfect for escaping the storm or outrunning your opponents!

Eco-Friendly Fun: Fortnite players can now experience the thrill of EUC’s within the game, which has been inspiring many players to explore EUCs in real life, and in turn, creates more eco-friendly travelers.

Accessibility: Fortnite has a diverse player base, including younger generations. Introducing the PITCYCLE has sparked interest in fun and eco-friendly transportation among a demographic that is shaping our future.


The Future of the EUC’s and the PITCYCLE

As Fortnite players embrace the PITCYCLE in the virtual realm, we can't help but hope that this digital trend will spill over “in real life”. Here are a few reasons why the team at REV Rides wants everyone to discover the benefits of EUC’s and micromobility:

Sustainability: EUCs are eco-friendly, producing zero emissions. Imagine a world where more people choose electric unicycles for their daily commute, reducing our carbon footprint one ride at a time.

Affordability: Electric unicycles are cost-effective compared to traditional modes of transportation. They require minimal maintenance and are an excellent alternative to buying a vehicle.

Fun and Freedom: Riding an EUC is an exhilarating experience. It combines the thrill of adventure with the practicality of urban commuting, offering the best of both worlds.


Where to buy a Fortnite Pitcycle in real life

REV Rides offers a wide variety of Pitcycles (Electric unicycles) for on and off road riding! Check out our EUC collection, and Escooter collection!


The introduction of the PITCYCLE in Fortnite is an exciting step towards unveiling Electric Unicycles to a more mainstream audience, introducing a more sustainable and adventurous option for commutes and recreation. It's a reminder that small changes in the virtual world can lead to big changes in the real world.

So, whether you're a Fortnite player or someone interested in affordable, alternative or eco-friendly transportation, keep an eye on the PITCYCLE – it might just inspire your next ride and contribute to a greener, more exciting world for all of us. Happy gaming, and ride on! 🚀🌍

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