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EBMX Swing Arm for SurRon Light Bee

EBMX Swing Arm for SurRon Light Bee

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Longer, stronger, less wheel flex in corners and only 300g heavier! matters! 60mm longer because we tested it. 

EBMX has determined that a modified* SurRon Light Bee, with a bigger battery and wheel set, pushes the stock Light Bee weight distribution out, with 56% up front and 44% at the back; You can feel this in the corners and in the air - so we have custom designed a 60mm longer swing arm to correct this.

With a fully modified* bike the added 60mm brings the weight distribution to 51% front and 49% rear.

Strength....if you use slow motion and watch the amount of flex the OEM SurRon Light Bee swing arm has its scary! We have reduced this dramatically and made a swing arm that has been proven in multiple high level race events. 

Check it out here:

At the end of the day, if you want to corner better, fly better and put the power down to the ground, the EBMX Swing Arm offers a proven solution for both street and race.

Pre-order arriving in 3-4 weeks

*EBMX Battery, 21/18 Wheel Set and Fox 40 shock.


Stock Swing Arm: 2.021kg

EBMX Custom Swing Arm: 2.304kg


Stock Swing Arm: 465mm

EBMX Custom Swing Arm: 525mm

Other Key Features:

* Reinforced construction, more ridged than the stock swing arm

* Extra room for larger tires to fit (90/100-18 easily fits, 100/100-18 requires light trimming due to the chain line)

* The longer swing arm design keeps the front wheel down under hard acceleration and provides better stability at high speeds and when jumping.

* Bolt together design means you can replace parts and not the whole swing arm if they get damaged.

* Includes a complete 130L chain


  • Surron LBX
  • Segway X260
  • Segway X160
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