Inner Tube for Electric Scooters


8.5"x 2; 90 Deg Valve:

  • ZERO 8 Front Only
  • ZERO 9 Front and Rear
  • VSETT 8 Front Only
  • VSETT 9 Front and Rear
  • VSETT 9+ Front and Rear

10"x 2.12; 90 Deg Valve :

  • ZERO 10 Front and Rear
  • ZERO 10X Front and Rear
  • VSETT 10+ Front and Rear


  • ZERO 11X Front and Rear
  • VSETT 11+ Front and Rear

 **OEM Inner Tube brand may vary**


Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Mikey C
its a tube

it fits, and holds air, what more could i ask for? :D

Marek Marcinkowski
Excellent service

Great customer support and fast shipping

Inner tubes that don’t work

I ordered two inner tubes (8.5 inch) from rev rides. Both inner tubes popped on the first ride on my scooter.

We're sorry that you are having issues with your tubes on your device, reach out to us by email ( so we can assist you with some pointers during your installation process.

Nancy Leitner
Great inner tube

The only inner tube that works with my new scooter. Will buy more.

Rich Berkowitz
Tubes break frequently

I have the zero10 and the vsett 10+. The tires pop (tubes) all the time. It’s a bummer. Love the performance of the vsett but the tires go flat if you hit a crack in the sidewalk. Revrides customer service is excellent. No complaints there. They always help with fixes. But annoying to have to change tubes and push the scooter home all the time.

We're sorry you're having so many issues with your tubes, please reach out to so we can figure out why you keep getting flats.

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