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CES 2024 Micromobility: Revolutionizing Personal Transportation. Discover King Song's Latest EUCs and Foldable Electric Bicycle

Welcome to the future of personal transportation and micromobility! As we venture into a new era of mobility, REV Rides is thrilled to share our experience from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, where we meet with King Song to unveil the latest in personal electric vehicles (EUCs and e-bikes). Get ready to dive into a world where the future of personal transportation, efficiency, and style converge!

A Dynamic Duo: King Song and REV Rides Elevating Micromobility

Since our alliance began in 2019, King Song has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of micromobility. Their unwavering support has not only empowered our brand but also brought immense value to our customers. This collaboration is more than a business partnership; it's a shared vision to redefine urban mobility. 

Meet the King Song S16: A Beacon of Innovation

King Song S16 Electric Unicycle

The star of the show, the King Song S16, stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology. This S16 Pro EUC, a battery powered, motorized, self balancing unicycle, that isn't completely self-balancing -- is a sophisticated balance between performance combined with practicality, boasting a sleek design, integrated pad setup for added safety, and smart LED lighting for visibility. It's the perfect blend of form and function for the modern rider. 

Urban Exploration Redefined: The King Song Electric Unicycle Range

King Song Electric Unicycle

From the playful kid's model, the King Song S9 "basketball" shaped EUC, to the robust S16 Pro, King Song's range of electric unicycles offers something for everyone. These EUCs aren't just vehicles; they're your partners in navigating the urban jungle with ease, efficiency, and a smaller carbon footprint. 

Beyond Riding: Advanced Features of King Song's EUCs

REV Rides at CES 2024 
King Song's EUCs are packed with features that go beyond basic transportation. Enjoy the convenience of built-in speakers, the safety of GPS integration, and the comfort of innovative suspension systems. It's not just about getting from A to B; it's about enjoying every moment of the journey

Introducing the M2: King Song's Game-Changing Foldable E-Bike


King Song M2 Electric folding bike
CES 2024 also marked the debut of the King Song M2 electric bicycle, a revolutionary foldable electric bike. With its compact design, ergonomic seating, and powerful motor, the M2 is set to transform how we think about city commuting. Its portability makes it ideal for urban dwellers and adventure seekers alike, offering a seamless blend of convenience and performance.

King Song M2 folding bike up close at CES 2024

Our journey at CES 2024 with King Song was more than just showcasing products; it was about showcasing a vision for the future of personal mobility. At REV Rides, we're committed to bringing you the forefront of electric vehicle technology. Stay tuned for more updates, and explore our offerings to find your perfect ride. 

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