REV Rides Reflective Scooter Pouch

  • Like to ride your scooter but where do you put your keys, phone, or wallet?  Need an easy way to store and protect your things while scooting? As you know, eScooters are fun to ride and can be a convenient way to commute to work or to school. But, you may find you need a little extra space to carry the things you need, and you want them to be safe. Introducing the REV Rides eScooter bag. Designed with the eScooter Enthusiast in mind, this roomy, water proof bag will be a hit. 

  • Your friends will marvel at the flying R and the wings that add to the style of your eScooter. Those wings are not there for style, they are reflective and will ensure you will be seen while cruising on your scooter late into the evening.  Velcro straps make it easy to attach to any handle bar and stem, and since they are Velcro, removing the bag is easy as well. This bag is HUGE, big enough to carry all your important stuff like your phone and keys, but can also carry your water bottle and snacks. This bag will attach to almost any eScooter or eBike, bike or scooter.

  • 1. PVC High Impact Case, can take abuse in case you wipeout trying to impress your friends
    2. Water resistant Zipper for the occasional thunderstorm that may pass over you
    3. Rubber Zipper Pull makes zipping and unzipping easy so you can quickly open to store your gear, spending less time packing, and more time riding.
    4. Cool Reflective flying R Logo and Wings for Safety.  Be seen by cars to the right and to the left of you. Just a little more visibility when you want to ride safe.
    5. Roomy 11”x 5.5” x 5” enclosure will hold almost any smartphone, keys, wallet, or whatever you want to protect.
    6. Quick attach and release with Velcro straps that easily adjust to your unique scooter’s stem and handlebars.
    7. Light weight, so it does not slow you down while cruising, plus adds a little coolness to your ride.
    8. Reflective REV Rides Logo embossed on the cover adds flair and a touch of class to your ride.  The flying R means you're having fun and ready for adventure.

Fits nearly any scooter!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect Pouch for my Xiaomi 365

This scooter pouch is lightweight but rigid. Holds all of my essentials including a water bottle.

Reflective pouch is well made!

Nice design. Well made. Perfect size

Rev rides reflective scooter pouch

Its a great bag! Recommend to anyone!

Zero 10X

I received my New Zero 10X from Rev Rides and it's a Amazing Scooter. The Scooter looks Amazing, is Very Smooth and Extremely Well Built. Would buy again or recommend to Friends and Family.

Reflective pouch

Convenient pouch lightweight perfect for multi tool spare tube small pump etc.. nice to have a place to put things I would rather not have to carry on my person! seems well made I bought 2 zipper is a bit Tough at first maybe will wear in a bit? Time will tell just got them so haven’t had long enough to give a full opinion

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