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Lewis Tech LV4 Brake Set

Lewis Tech LV4 Brake Set

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The new hotness! Lewis Tech is Paving a path in the World of brakes for Ebike and Mountain bikes!

One of the most powerful brake system, designed for demanding braking use(E-MTB, Downhill and Enduro).

LV4 set only 380g without Oil Hose, Front(hose 90cm)+Rear(hose 160cm)=597g included Oil Hose.

Patented 2 in 1 dual adjustment for lever reach & bite point.

14mm+17mm 4 Stainless steel pistons with Metallic Pads.

Upgraded hinged clamp, no fray bike handlebar.

Easy Bleeding Technology.

Mineral Oil and Kevlar hose.

High-precision CNC machining technology.

Powerful but predictable braking force.  

Ultra light lever action.

Bearing pivots provide superior modulation and feel.

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  • Self-developed patented technology
    Self-developed patented technology

    Lewis' patented technology for dual adjustment of lever reach & bite point allows you to customize the feel to your preference for superior performance out on the trails.

    Reach(tool free), bite point(with allen key).

  • Dual oil ports design
    Dual oil ports design

    Dual oil ports design, more convenient for oil bleeding.

    Make good use of the oil reservoir capacity to generate the amazing braking force.

  • Better Leverage Ratio
    Better Leverage Ratio

    Optimize the leverage ratio of vertical structural brakes and the motion trajectory of the tripod bar to obtain more direct braking force feedback, which is suitable for use environments such as XC bikes, climber bikes with high requirements for brake feedback.

  • Four precision bearings
    Four precision bearings

    Four precision bearings constitute the pivot point of the lever blade.

    Each movable pivot is composed of precision bearings on both sides providing a stable and smooth action.

  • CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum four-piston caliper
    CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum four-piston caliper

    7075 aluminum alloy allows for better rigidity increasing the overall performance of the brake, while keeping the power stable and predictable.

    Four-piston caliper provides superior braking power for any situation on the trials.

  • 14mm+17mm asymmetric piston design
    14mm+17mm asymmetric piston design

    The 14mm+17mm asymmetric piston design improves the linear feel of the brakes, balances the pressure distribution of the pads and balances wear.

  • Corrosion-resistant Hose
    Corrosion-resistant Hose

    High quality braided hose is suitable for higher-intensity riding environments.

    The LV2 standard version uses 4-layer hoses which have excellent performance benefits such as high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. They also allow a more stable performance under heavy use of the brakes. The internal use of Kevlar bulletproof fiber with a high number of braided layers makes the hose have an expansion coefficient far lower than the industry standard giving the brakes next level rigidity.

  • Hose Material
    Hose Material

    1. PVDF and Teflon

    2. Spiral filament winding

    3. Kevlar bulletproof fiber braided layer

    4. Tensile and corrosion-resistant casing

  • Hose customizeation
    Hose customizeation

    A pair of standard LV4 with left hand rear and right hand front. The length of the the hose is 90cm at the front and 160cm in the rear. If you need to customize the hose length or lever direction please feel free to contact us.

Type Radial
Material CNC 7075T6 Aluminum
Body Finish Black, Silver, Black & Silver, Customized colors
Clamp Color Black, Silver
Clamp Type Hinged
Screws Stainless Steel
Material CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum




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