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FASTACE ALX13RC 1.0 Fork Surron, Talaria, Eride pro

FASTACE ALX13RC 1.0 Fork Surron, Talaria, Eride pro

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The FastAce is the original factory front fork for surron and talaria sting , it weighs in at a beefy 11.8 lbs, 2.5lbs more than a DNM or KKE.  And a whopping 5lbs more than Fox40.  It has 37mm stanchion tubes, the largest of any Surron inverted fork, that are thicker and stronger than any fork in the market.  This is AWESOME for the Surron market where strength is more important than weight.  

  • 🏆🏆Multi Function--200mm travel,Fit stock plastics of models: Sur-Ron Light Bee X ,Talaria sting,Segway X160 X260 .The front suspension design has compression damping and rebound damping adjustment functions, so that your surron or talaria sting has a greater performance for riding. 
  • 🏆🏆Inverted Design provides an incredibly smooth and consistent feel due to constant lubrication of the bushings and seals. The inverted design also provides a major increase in fore-aft stiffness compared to traditional forks while maintaining torsional compliance which provides more control to the rider over rough terrain.

  • 🏆🏆Three In One--and has combined three different sizes of front fork into one, which is compatible with 26/27.5/29 inches, which means that you do not need to carefully compare the size of the bike to choose the correct front suspension.
  • 🏆🏆Strong inner Design--FASTACE front fork is a lightweight spring damper designed and manufactured for fast downhill bikes. Its inner and outer tubes, upper and lower plates, left and right legs are made of aluminum alloy with high strength and light weight, and the interior is designed with spring and oil pressure damping.
  • 🏆🏆Hydraulic Damping System--The hydraulic damping system is inside the front fork right tube, that is, damping force generated by reciprocating motion of piston and valve plate in hydraulic oil is used to suppress vibration and impact caused by acceleration and deceleration of vehicles and road bumps. The internal damper adopts wear-resistant, low freezing point,special oil for high quality shock absorber to ensure the damping stability and reliability.


FastAce Features

  • Inverted fork design for stiff and precise handling
  • 200mm Travel
  • 37mm Lower inner Stanchion Tubes 
  • Strong tapered upper outer tubes
  • Compression Adjuster
  • Rebound Adjuster
  • Coil Spring
  • Internals made from steel for strength and long life
  • Open bath damper design (like a motorcycle fork)
  • Valve stack design like a motorcycle with multiple strong shims for long life on a surron and fully tune-able for a future custom tuned fork
  • Fender mounting points
  • Fully compatible with Surron and Talaria OEM headset!!!
  • for heavy rider : 50lbs spring- 80-100kg riders weight  ,60lbs -100kg-120 kg riders weight  ;progressive hard spring 38lbs-60lbs - 80-120kg riders weight 

FAQ - I have an RST fork on my Talaria or Surron is this a better fork?

It's very unfortunate that both Talaria and Surron used the RST fork,the FastAce is the original factory front fork for surron and talaria sting at the beginning. it's horrible and there is no fixing it (we've tried).  Installing a better fork like this FastAce will transform your bike by leaps and bounds.  For the money you cannot find a better fork.

FAQ - Isn't the Fox40 stronger because it has 40mm Stanchion tubes?

People think that Fox40 is the strongest fork simply because it's 40mm stanchion tubes, but the fact is they only weigh 6.6lbs because they were made for a light weight mountain bike with weight savings in mind.  The diameter of the stanchion tube is only one factor in strength.  We prefer to use weight as one of our factors in measuring fork strength with most inverted MTB forks weighing 8-9lbs and forks like the FastAce 12lbs.  Is a 6lb fork really strong enough for a Surron?  Based on the fact that Fox voids warranty on any Fox40 mounted to a Surron, we think that provides a clear answer directly from the manufacturer.  While the Fox40 is one of the best downhill mountain bike forks on the market, that doesn't mean it's the best fork for the Surron or Talaria where we need to prioritize strength and stiffness over weight.




  • Surron Light Bee X
  • Segway X260
  • Segway X160
  • Talaria Sting MX3
  • Talaria Sting MX4
  • Eride Pro
  • Eride pro SS
  • Eride pro SR
  • Talaria XXX
  • 79bike Falcon-M
  • Rawrr Mantis
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