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EBMX X-9000 Controller Kit

EBMX X-9000 Controller Kit

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The X9000 Power Kit is compatible with a range of Electric Motorcycles and a range of Motors.

EBMX has combined strenuous in-house R&D and collaborations with industry experts to bring you the ultimate Electric Motor Controller.
The X 9000 has been purpose-built with dirt bike riders in mind

A plug-and-play kit for the following Electric Motorcycles:

  • Sur Ron Light Bee
  • Sur Ron Ultra Bee
  • Talaria Sting
  • Segway X260

The Kit you purchase from us will contain all parts needed for an OEM Replacement – with the X-9000.

This Kit is a direct bolt-in for the SurRon Light Bee and Talaria Sting bikes with no extra brackets needed, no phase wire extensions, or other additional parts (harness adapter included).

The current list of Motors that the X-9000 is compatible with is below:

  • OEM SurRon Light Bee
  • OEM SurRon Ultra Bee
  • OEM Segway X260
  • OEM Talaria Sting MX3
  • OEM Talaria Sting R MX4
  • EBMX XLB-60
  • EBMX XUB-80
  • KO RS SurRon
  • KO F Spec SurRon
  • KO F Spec Talaria
  • QS138 – 90H
  • QS138 – 70H

We are currently tuning the following Motors and will update the above list as each motor is fully tested and available to choose on the EBMX app.

  • Sotion FW01
  • Sotion Talaria
  • Apollo RFN
  • ME1803 water cooled
  • QS Braaap Moto E Hub Motor

Watch how to install it here:

Using components sourced from reputable suppliers, each item has been engineered for peak performance, from the CNC machined internals and bus bars, injection moulded cover to the fully waterproof construction.

Whether you are trying to nail a wheelie, riding hard enduro, competing in a race series, commuting to work, or just cruising the trails with your family – the X-9000 is built to give you ultimate freedom and control.

  • Custom EBMX App for tuning and full control (Available free in the App Store and Google Play Store)
    • Multiple power modes and full adjustment in each mode
    • Adjustable speed limits for different ride modes
    • Customizable dashboard to set the display up how you want
  • Built-in and programmable DC/DC Converter with 4 programmable 12v outputs for running a coolant pump, headlights, and other 12v accessories as required and controllable through the app.
  • Air-cooled heatsink as standard (comes in black, blue, red, gold or purple).
  • Wiring harness connections are fully sealed and come straight out of the controller with fully waterproof IP67-rated connectors for the harnesses.
  • Direct bolt-in for the Sur Ron Light Bee and Talaria Sting bikes with no extra brackets needed, no phase wire extensions or other additional parts (harness adapter included).
    • Integration with both Sur Ron hall-based motors and Talaria encoder motors
  • SW102 (EggRider) Display included and custom firmware to allow monitoring of motor temp, controller temp along with all of the regular display info.
  • Can be setup with a smart phone for the display or to check info as desired
  • Super heavy-duty construction internally and externally to sustain hard riding and high-powered batteries and motors.

    EBMX X-9000 Controller

    Controller Casing Features 
  • CNC Air Cooled Heatsink option 
  • CNC Water Cooled Heatsink option 
  • Direct Factory Fit Mount for SurRon LBX and Talaria Sting
  • Ingress Protection IP67 Rated ingress Protection IP67 Rated 
  • 16 Pin Communications Plug (combines all types of bikes used) 
  • 12 Pin 12v Plug (4 programable outputs) 
  • In Built Programable DCDC Converter (12v-5A) to run any number of applications  (coolant pump, lights, auxiliary features)


      Controller Performance
      •  Compatible with VESC compatible firmware
      •  Custom EBMX firmware and tune profiles 
      •  Field Oriented Control (FOC)
      •  Input Voltage Range 40v - 100v
      •  Working Voltage Range 48v - 82v 
      •  Max Phase Current 900A 
      •  Max Battery Current 500A 
      •  Peak Input Power 40kW 
      •  Peak Output Power 35kW* 
      •  Continuous Output Power (water-cooled heat sink) 20kW * 
      •  Continuous Output Power (air-cooled heat sink) 15kW * 
      •  Operating Temperature Range -25 to 80 Degrees Celsius 
      •  Maximum Efficiency >95% 
      •  Extra Beefy Internal CNC Machined Terminals and Connections 
      * To reach peak and continuous output power levels you will require a motor and battery capable of performing at this level

      Controller Kit Extras and Features
      • • Harness Adaptors for SurRon and Talaria
      • • Variable Thumb Throttle 
      • • Bluetooth module
      • • Loose Harness for 12v Outputs 
      • • SW102 Display (with custom EBMX firmware and options)
      • • DIY Harness for Custom Bike Conversion (optional) 
      •  Water Cooled Heatsink (optional) 
      Custom Tunes for Various Motor Options  
      • • Stock SurRon Light Bee Motor 
      • • Stock Talaria Sting Motor
      • • KO Moto Motors 
      • • SurRon Ultra Bee Motor 
      • • QS 138-90H Water Cooled Motor 
      • • QS 138-V3 Gear Reduction Motor 
      • • ME1803 Water Cooled Motor 
      • • Artic Lepoard Motor 
      • • More coming soon...EBMX
      EBMX App Features BMX App Features
      • • Free to download 
      • • Use as a Display with Full Dashboard (customizable) 
      • • Street Mode (3 separate programmable power settings)
      • • Race Mode (3 separate programmable power settings) 
      • • Speed Limit Settings peed Limit Settings
      • • Control 4 separate 12v outputs 
      • • Power Adjustments (kW) 
      • • Control options for thumb throttle 
      • • Torque Adjustments (phase amps) 
      • • Fully customizable regen settings 
      • • Throttle Sensitivity (ramping and curve type) 
      • • Throttle Calibration Wizard 
      • • Motor Tune Selection 
      • • Quick change from 48v up to 72v Battery 
      • • Stock Tilt Sensor (on/off) 
      • • Stock Stand Sensor (on/off)
      • • Gear Ratio Adjustments for accurate display speed


      • Surron LBX
      • Segway X260
      • Talaria Sting MX3
      • Talaria Sting MX4
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