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Cockpit Clean Up Kit

Cockpit Clean Up Kit

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Enhance Your E-Bike's Look with the Cockpit Clean Up Kit:

  • This kit includes two 11-inch organizers designed to tidy up brake lines and other cables on your e-bike, complemented by 2 small zip ties for secure fastening.

  • Compatible with a variety of e-bikes including Surron, Super73, Rad, and others.

  • Transform the appearance of your bike's cockpit from cluttered to neat, adding to its overall sleek design.

  • Say goodbye to untidiness and embrace a cleaner, more aerodynamic riding experience.

  • Simple and quick installation process, providing an immediate visual enhancement to your bike.

  • Upgrade your ride with a more sophisticated and tidy appearance.

  • Offers protection by securely wrapping your bike’s brake lines.

  • Helps shield cables from dirt, debris, moisture, and wear, extending their lifespan.

  • Aids in preventing damage to your bike's braking system, ensuring reliable performance.

Perfect for e-bike enthusiasts looking to upgrade both the aesthetics and functionality of their ride.

Cockpit Clean Up Kit ©Elektrisches Racing 2023 

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    Made my bike look 10x Surron better!


    only 1 came