48 Volt Electric Scooter Charger

Lithium Ion battery charger for 48 Volt scooters. Output is a GX16 3-Pin connector. This is an OEM replacement for ZERO and VSETT models. 






VSETT 9+ (Only works with "+" models)

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Alan Adler
Speed Charging, Less Down Time.

Love having this second charger to cut down the dreaded long charging times on my Vsett 9+. With my ebike changing to my backup battery always charged and ready. Unfortunately you can’t just pop a new battery in scooter platform. So having two chargers speeds up the charge by all most half. Gives you a fast turnaround to fun or work.

John Phillips

48 Volt Electric Scooter Charger

Dewlyn Pereira
Producto de calidad

El envio fue muy rápido el producto solo recomiendo

Incomplete product

I recently ordered a charger for my Zero 8 scooter and I only got half of the charger. It was missing the port that connects the charger to the power outlet. I paid $60+ for the product and I wish to be compensated for this inconvenience on your end.

Hello Syed,
We are so sorry that wasn't included in your order. We already created a $0 order and will get that shipped out today for you. Cheers!

Nicou Vatan

Received charger promptly, as always with RevRides. Although I noticed a quarter-sized puncture in the package, I did not give it any thought. When I attempted to plug the charger for the first time, I noticed the end that gets inserted into charging port had somehow split into 2 pieces. Since the tip was still in one piece, I plugged it to the scooter and simply pushed the split part between the top and the screw which holds charger in place. It worked fine, but when I attempted to remove charger, a large spark ignited at the charging port. I prayed that the controller would have short circuited rather than the batteries. I did not even have the courage to check immediately as I was too disappointed even if the controller was indeed the only damaged part. After a couple days, I decided the sooner I see what part needs to be replaced the sooner I can ride again. Anticipating the worst, I was stunned when powering the scooter on and seeing it did so as before. Somehow, even my controller remained functioning. Only the tip of the charger got damaged. Turns out the split piece prevents the wires from touching as you pull to remove the charger from port. With that piece dangling, I clearly caused the wires to interact. At that point I recalled the damaged package, which is the most likely cause of the split charger end. I don’t believe this was negligence on the part of RevRides

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