Sur Ron Vs. The Segway Dirt eBike

Is the Sewgway Dirt eBike the same as a Sur Ron?
Recently Segway released their new electric dirt bike, the Segway Dirt eBike. When pictures of it were initially released people immediately began comparing it to Sur Ron.

Two models of the Segway Dirt eBike have been released. The smaller model is the X160 that reaches top speeds of 31 MPH with a 40 mile range. The X260 is the older brother clocking speeds over 45 MPH with an astonishing 75 mile range.

Sur Ron has been around for a few years now, initially releasing the 45 MPH Light Bee electric bike in 2018. Since then they have released bigger and faster bikes that reach higher than 60 MPH like the White Ghost and the Storm Bee.

Segway is the largest shareholder in Sur Ron.

In an interview with Electrek Segway's director of marketing, Julie Tang talked about the Segway Dirt eBike:

We are trying to continue developing cool products, futuristic products, in order to expand our portfolio to appeal to outdoor adventurers in addition to city dwellers. We want to keep expanding our existing customer base and give them more options.

Sur Ron explained their relationship with Segway in a statement:

“In 2019, Sur-Ron obtained the investment from Segway. With the independent operation, Sur-Ron was able to carry out cross brand product cooperation with the help of Segway’s brand channels and other resources. This is a win-win cooperation. Segway has enriched its product line at the market level. On the other hand, Sur-Ron can quickly transcend the limitations of ‘startup,’ develop into more professional fields, create a more comprehensive product matrix, and usher in its own rapid development period!

At present, the first model of cooperation between Sur-Ron and Segway is the existing Sur-Ron ‘light bee,’ which redefined the cross-border electric motorcycle with an incomparable lightweight body and extremely strong trafficability and portability. It greatly reduces the threshold of starting, develops a new way of playing off-road motorcycles, and becomes a good partner while exploring and discovering new roads, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of off-road and exploration easily. In just two years, ‘light bee’ has entered into more than 32 countries and sold more than 10,000 sets.

In order to conform to Segway’s brand image and product tonality of ‘science and technology/sports/leading/innovation/nature,’ Segway’s version of light bee has made a customization of the whole vehicle coating, and with Segway’s own APP interconnection, and has advanced into the North America and China market with the new model number and name of ‘Segway’ brand.

And Sur-Ron’s version of ‘light bee’ will continue to be sold in the existing market and channels, and Sur-Ron will go on preparing and offer more optionals to better serve the loyal Sur-Ron fans. Meanwhile, we are also preparing to offer some surprises to all the Sur-Ron fans in 2020, if everything goes well."