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Electric scooters, Electric unicycles (EUC, PITCYCLE) and electric bikes; the perfect and affordable answer to alternative transportation. Save money on gas, insurance, parking fees and avoid the inconvenience of public transportation. Recreational vehicles are cheap to recharge, fun to ride, practical for daily commuting in crowded cities, portable, environmentally friendly and offer the flexibility to move beyond the streets and sidewalks for both work and recreation. From e-scooters to EUC or “PITCYCLE” and high-performance e-bikes, REV Rides goes through the hassle of testing and finding only the best micromobility brands, so you don’t have to! Nearly all VSETT, NAVEE, ONYX, KOTTO, Voltaic, KingSong, Begode, and other brands we sell are eligible for free shipping in the US, and all new vehicles we sell include a 12-month warranty, backed by REV Rides’ top-rated customer service and support!