8.5" Premium Wide Road Tire for Electric Scooters


ZERO/VSETT 8 Front Tire

ZERO/VSETT 9 Front and Rear Tires

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Replaced my old tire same size. Been about a week, so far so good

Premium Tires for Zero 9 a great upgrade

I picked up a nail in my rear and decided to also get these upgraded tires. The tread pattern is much wider, almost 1.5" with much more tread pattern. The front was a little challenging to get on, because the tread overhangs the actual side wall and I had to loosen my disk brake and re-position to get the caliper to fit just under the tread overhang. Once on, the ride is much improved. Better over small bumps. Smoother ride, and more cornering grip. The tire itself is much more robust than the stock tire. It is pretty stiff, so getting the tube in took some finagling. I lined both tires with some protective liners I purchased for my ebike which should improve puncture durability. I was going through tubes like crazy on my ebike without them. Also, you don't have to inflate your tires as high, stay around 30-35lbs. The tire itself is so thick, really the tube just keeps it's shape. The roll resistance is higher at lower pressures, but there is more tread on the pavement and particularly on wet roads, it improves traction.

Moshe Kramer

Came faster than expected, works great thanks RevRides.

Arnold Ferrer

Great parts

Julian Rondon
8.5" premium tires for zero9

Purchased a set of tires to replace the ones on my zero9 that already had 1300 miles under them. After installing them using Rev Rides videos as a guide, went for a test ride and tires feel great, excellent grip and look ready for the demands of my daily commute. Thanks Rev Rides. Now, please get those tubes back in stock asap!! please

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