King Song Controller

Controller for King Song

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Dennis Flores
RevRides always rocks!

RevRides sent me a new controller for my S22 and it fixed it (bad firmware on current). Out of all PEV dealers RevRides are ALWAYS BIG HELP and always respond. All dealers should be like them. Thx again RevRides!

Bob A
Replacement S18 Controller Board

I was having trouble with charging my S18 and it turned out to be the charging plug mounted to the controller board had come loose from the board. Made one attempt to secure it myself, but the fix didn’t last for long. Bought and and installed the new board and my S18 is ready for another 4K miles.

Not totally pleased.

After having my wheel back for a week now I must say that there some things wrong.
The new board and EUC World are not playing nice.
My wheel does not cut out when picked up.
Even though I have all my speed alarms set for over 20mph I get warnings from EUC at 15mph. I don't know if pushing it will trigger a cut out or not.
I don't feel I can trust my wheel riding with world turned on.
I also get "A LOT" of pedal dipping.
If I do a turn around a corner my toes drop.
If I do a u-turn they dip so much I feel like I am going to slip off.
It has taken a lot of the fun out of riding.


Pavlo Komenda

King Song Controller

john Delhaye
Motor and motherboard replacement

Rev rides had everything I needed , there fast, got me everything quick and easy, super good support, two thumbs up 👍

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