ZERO Scooter Size and Portability Comparison

ZERO Scooter Size and Portability Comparison

If you looking to purchase a ZERO model scooter and size matters to you, well you're in the right place. In this post we will discuss some key aspects when it comes to the size and portability to the ZERO scooters. Let's get into it.

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First off, lets talk about the weight of each model. This is probably one of the most important things to note when buying an electric scooter. The weight of the scooter really determines how you are able to use it. A light scooter is great for mixed-mode commuting, like half bus and half scooter. A heavier scooter is best for single-mode commuting, scootering straight from point A to point B. You don't wanna be holding everyone up while you're trying to load your beastly 80 pound scooter onto a city bus just to take up three spots. 

Now lets talk about the smaller models - the ZERO 8 and the ZERO 9. Both of these scooters weigh about 40lbs. They are the lightest scooters of the ZEROs. These models are easy to carry up small flights of stairs, take on an elevator, or load onto a bus or train. So if you're interested in mixed-mode transportation, these are gunna be the ZERO models to look into.

Coming in a little heavier is the ZERO 10 at 50lbs. Now, you've probably heard that anything over 50lbs is recommended to be team lifted, so this model is just a tad heavy when carrying solo. But if you're up for a little work out, this model is not too bad to pick and lug up a small set of stairs. Although this model is a little more difficult to load onto a bus or train then the smaller models, we still wouldn't rule it out as a mixed-mode commuting scooter. If you're okay with a little sweat, this is a great mixed-mode commuter, and an even better single-mode commuter. 

On the heavy side, we have the ZERO 10X that weighs in at a hefty 80lbs. To be blunt, this is not for multi-mode commuting. I'm sure there are some burly dudes out there that could bicep curl a couple of ZERO 10Xs, but even then it's just to big to be carrying onto a bus or train. This model is a killer single-mode commuter (you don't need to worry about taking the bus or train when you're scooter is faster).

Deck Size

The deck size is important, especially if you have big feet. if you're a size 13, you might have a hard time keeping both feet on a small scooter model.

Again, lets start with the smaller models. The ZERO 8 has a 21X7 inch deck, but because the stem and wheel mounts onto the deck you only get about 18x7 inches of usable deck space. This is the smallest ZERO model deck. Although it can fit most shoe sizes, larger sizes might find it difficult adjusting stance during riding.

Next is the ZERO 9. It is slight larger than the ZERO 8 with a deck of 23X7.5 inches and about 20x7.5 inches of usable deck space. The corners on this model are rounded making the deck an oval shape, taking away some space. The extra 2 inches on this model does provide a lot more space for your feet to move around and will allow easier transition between stances when riding.

The ZERO 10 is much wider than the 9 and 10. The deck is about 23X9 inches with 20x9 inches of usable space. The corners on this model are rounded making the deck an oval shape, taking away some space. The wider deck on this allows for riders with nearly any shoe size to comfortably adjust stance to a variety of positions.

Finally the ZERO 10X comes in with the largest usable deck space at 21x9 inches. The shape of the deck on this model is rectangular, giving riders even more room then the oval decks of the ZERO 9 and 10. Undoubtably, this deck will give all riders plenty of possible riding stance for ultimate comfort. 

Stem Size

This one is easy. The stems on every ZERO model have a max height of about 39 inches from deck to handlebars. The 8, 9 and 10 have adjustable stems, while the 10X is fixed at 39 inches. Because of the fixed height on the 10Xs stem, it may be uncomfortable for shorter riders. The stem can be shortened, but it does require sawing and is irreversible. So if you're a handy person and have tools sitting around, the stem on the 10X shouldn't be an issue.

Stem Folding and Locking

Another easy one. The stems fold on every ZERO model, but they only lock on the 8, 9 and 10 models, the 10X does not lock. The folding and locking stems of the 8, 9 and 10 models make them extra easy when carrying or storing them. Because the 10X stem does not lock when folded, it forces the rider to carry with two hands. See video for visual example. 

Handle Bars

To finish this off, we have one more easy question to answer. The handle bars on the ZERO 8, 9 and 10 all fold making them super slim and easy to store. The 10X on the other hand does not have folding handlebars, so it is more difficult to fit into tight places when trying to store it. 

WELL, that about sums it up. Be sure to check out the video about if you would like any visual examples. If we missed anything or if you have any questions, shoot us an email, we'll be happy to get back to.


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