PEV Track Day 2021

PEV Track Day 2021

What an amazing day out at the Apple Valley Speedway in Southern California! 

PEV Track Day 2021 was full of good energy, extreme races, chill open track, and most importantly...PIZZA.

The event was hosted and sponsored by Stooge Raceboards, Voltaic and Rip Tide.

The day started off at 9am with registrations, followed by an open track. Racers and casual riders flooded the track to get some laps in. There were people riding all sorts of PEVs on the track - electric unicycles, electric scooters, One Wheels, Trikkes, and electric skate boards. 

After open track, the races began. Riders geared up and prepared to take on the time trials for a chance to race in the finals. 

All 4 REV Rides team riders qualified for the final EUC race. Douglas Marshall placed 2nd in the time trials with a lap clocking in at 1 minute and 29.53 seconds. Colton Gregory (aka Chooch) in 3rd was just behind with his time of 1:29.64. Jesse Garnier came into 4th with a 1:30.03, followed by Zen Lee in 5th at 1:30.63. That is 4 racers in the top 5 from the REV Rides team!

In the EUC finals, Chooch improved from his time trial placement and took 1st place. Following behind, Zen Lee inched past LA rider Fletcher Leese for a close 2nd place finish. Not too far behind, Jesse Garnier snagged 4th place. Recovering from a wipe out during the final lap, Douglas Marshall finished out in 5th place. 

Overall, PEV Track Day 2021 was a success! Everyone had a wonderful time and no one got hurt. What more can you ask for? 


For more coverage of the event, check out these videos! 



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