Everything You Need To Know About your ZERO Scooter LCD Settings

Everything You Need To Know About your ZERO Scooter LCD Settings

Here is a quick guide on how to use your LCD screen and adjust the settings on any ZERO model electric scooter. 

First you'll want to turn it on. You do this by pressing and holding the power button for about 2 seconds. When the screen first turns on you will see the speedometer, gear selection, odometer and the battery level.

MODE - This will effect the top speed of your scooter. The gears range from 1 to 3, 3 being the fastest mode. You can toggle through modes by simply clicking the "mode" button. When you power off the scooter, it defaults back to mode 1.

TRIP AND VOLTAGE - You can toggle your main display from odometer, to trip, to voltage display by simply clicking the power button.

P SETTINGS - In order to access the "P" settings, you'll want to simultaneously hold the power and mode button down for about 3 seconds. If done correctly, you'll be presented with a screen reading "P 01" To toggle through the setting options you'll use the power button, and to change the settings you'll use the mode button.

P 01, LCD BRIGHTNESS - This setting adjusts your LCD brightness. The options are 1 through 3 with 3 being the brightest. The brightness of the LCD has insignificant effect on battery life. We recommend 3 because it's easier to see in bright conditions.

P 02, MILAGE - You can choose between miles and kilometers.

P 03, VOLTAGE - This displays the voltage. Dependent on the scooter.

P 04, AUTO SHUT OFF - This allows you to choose (in minutes) when you're scooter will automatically shut off due to inactivity. 


P 06, WHEEL DIAMETER - This simply displays the wheel diameter. 

P 07, MAGNETS - This simply displays the number of magnets on the motor. We recommend not changing this setting.

P 08, POWER LIMIT - This allows the user to choose the power limit of their scooter. The options are 1-100 with 100 being maximum power. WARNING! DO NOT hit mode on this setting if you do not plan on changing the power level. It will put you down to 001, and in order to get back to 100, you'll need to press the button 99 times. No one wants to do that.

P 09, KICKSTART - Here you can choose between kickstart or zero start. 00 is zero start, meaning to momentum is needing to trigger the motor with the throttle. 01 is kick start, meaning it needs a push of momentum to trigger the motor with the throttle. We recommend kickstart. It can be dangerous if you have zero start enabled and you accidentally hit the throttle or if the throttle gets caught on something. 


P 11, ELECTRONIC BREAKING - This allows users to choose the intensity of the electronic breaking. The options are 1 through 5 with 5 being the strongest. We recommend 3 for the smoothest deceleration.

P 12, ACCELERATION - This allows users to choose the intensity of acceleration. The options are 1 through 5 with 5 being the quickest acceleration. We recommend 3.



P 15, CUTOFF VOLTAGE - We recommend not changing this setting because it has a large effect on battery health.

P 16, ODOMETER RESET - This allows users to reset their odometer. This only works with low milage scooters. You will not be able to zero the odometer if you're over a few miles.

P 17, CRUISE CONTROL - This allows users to toggle cruise control on or off. 00 is cruise control off. 01 is cruise control on. With cruise control on, it will be triggered if the user maintains a speed and throttle for approximately 10 seconds, it will keep the speed until the user hits the break or throttle again. We recommend keeping this off if you're not an advanced rider. 

P 18, 19, 20, UNUSED

That about sums it up. Let us know if we missed anything or if you have any other questions. We are glad to help.


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