11 Major Changes on the King Song S18 Production Model

11 Major Changes on the King Song S18 Production Model

As prototype King Song S18s were passed out to content creators to be tested and reviewed, electric unicycle enthusiasts started to question some design and functionality features. Fortunately, these concerns were about a prototype, so King Song listened and addressed them.

Here is a list of changes and improvements on the production model King Song S18:

  1. Adjustable Pedal -Structural: The pedals are adjustable allowing riders to lower the platform by 2cm. This allows riders of different heights to have better control and increased comfort levels on the S18.
  2. Mudguard- Back fender: Previous mudguard was secured by glue and one screw. The final production is secured by a total of 3, one on each shell and one in between with the addition of glue.
  3. Tiring rubbing noise: Some prototypes experienced a rubbing noise issue. The tire we used on prototype is a little bit wider than massive production, and the mainboard holder tubes had some errors, so the tire might be pushed to one side and scratched the body shell. We’ve adjusted the moldings/dimensions to eliminate these issues.
  4. Wobbliness: Users experienced issues where the wheel would wobble when braking. After testing we eliminated the issue being suspension related but was rather padding related. Users could not grip the wheel when braking hard, we have since increased the PU pad thickness from 4mm to 12mm.
  5. Top of wheel hurting inner knee: The padding was not thick enough causing the knee to interact with the harder elements of the wheel. Final production will have increased the PU pad thickness from 4mm to 12mm.
  6. Body shell: Some users experienced the case not being durable enough when crashing. We started using a material with more flexibility causing it to be less brittle. ABS+PC.
  7. Outer shells popping off: Users experienced the white body panels coming off when crashing, we have increased the thickness of the clips so they don’t come off as easily.
  8. Handle: Sometimes the trigger button gets stuck, we’ve added a crystal silicon logo above the button to create a uniform force downwards.
  9. Steel Slide: To increase the durability of our suspension we have changed the sliders from aluminum to steel. The steel is treated to protect it against elements.
  10. Suspension support frame: Suspension support frame is changed from space grey to gold.
  11. Padding durability: We have changed the material for the padding so it doesn’t rub off as easily.

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