EBMX: Best Performance Upgrades for E Ride Pro, Sur Ron, Talaria & Segway

EBMX: Best Performance Upgrades for E Ride Pro, Sur Ron, Talaria & Segway

EBMX Make Some of the Best Performance Upgrades for Sur Ron, Talaria, E Ride Pro and Segway e -Bikes.

EBMX: Maximum speed. Maximum torque. Maximum Endurance. Maximum eMoto.

EBMX X9000 Controller

EBMX Australia Expands Distribution & Support with REV Rides in USA: In the ever-evolving world of high performance electric electric bikes and electric dirt bikes, REV Rides is leading the charge providing customers access to top of the line aftermarket parts and accessories for electric dirt bikes like Sur Ron, Segway, Talaria, eRide Pro SS, Apollo, and more, from industry leading, and cutting-edge emerging brands. We are excited to announce our newest partnership with EBMX Australia – the gold standard in aftermarket, replacement, and high performance electric bike parts for E Ride Pro, Segway, Sur Ron, and Talaria bikes. EBMX's aftermarket performance parts are designed to help you achieve the best performance, fastest speeds, and best suspension parts for your electric dirt bike. 


Transform Your Ride with EBMX: Introducing a world where power meets precision. EBMX's aftermarket electric dirt bike parts for Segway, Sur Ron, and Talaria, now available at REV Rides, are engineered to boost your electric bike's power, performance, and range. From increased battery capacity and output for longer range to unleashing torque and reaching new top speeds, EBMX is synonymous with the best performance in electric bike parts and upgrades. Imagine tackling technical off-road challenges with ease or navigating urban adventures with unmatched agility, at the front of the pack – that's the promise of EBMX. Explore our elite selection of upgraded, high performance electric bike parts, where each EBMX product ensures unparalleled performance and craftsmanship. Extend your range and add miles of fun to your adventures with EBMX’s premium line of long range, high capacity batteries for Segway, Sur Ron, Talaria MX3 and MX4, that pair perfectly with the X-9000 Controller Kit to unleash maximum power and precise throttle control, perfect for technical off-road trail riding, or racing!  The EBMX Rear Shock upgrade, featuring EBMX’s advanced linkage and triangle design, redefines suspension technology for electric bikes and electric dirt bikes, offering stability and control like never before. 

City, Off-Road or Competitive Riding: We understand that every rider's journey is unique yet interconnected. EBMX parts, including the EBMX Rear Shock, X-9000 Controller Kit, and the 219 Chain Conversion Kit, are versatile masterpieces, perfect for off-road conquerors, city navigators, and speed demons alike. These components offer resilience for rugged trails, seamless city commuting, and peak performance optimization. With EBMX's innovations in performance parts and upgrades for electric dirt bikes, every ride, no matter the terrain or purpose, becomes an extraordinary experience. 
EBMX – Unleashing Ultimate Performance 

  • For Off-Road Enthusiasts: Conquer rough terrains like never before. EBMX parts deliver the resilience and power needed for the most demanding off-road adventures. 
  • For Urban Riders: Navigate the cityscape with newfound efficiency and style. With EBMX, your electric dirt bike transforms into an agile, responsive companion. 
  • Performance Junkies: Whether it's upgraded parts for Sur Ron, Segway, or Talaria, EBMX gives you that extra punch in speed, torque and endurance -- outperforming the rest!

EBMX Product Highlights 
EBMX REV Rides X9000 Controller for SURRON and TALARIA

EBMX Controllers: Discover the transformative power of EBMX controllers at REV Rides, where innovation meets unparalleled reliability. Our range of EBMX high performance aftermarket controllers, including the acclaimed X-9000 Kit, is expertly crafted to enhance your electric bike's performance. Designed for high-performance models like E Ride Pro, Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria, these aftermarket controllers offer unmatched precision handling and efficiency, they are the center stone of the modern high performance ebike / electric dirt bike build. Perfect for top-speed, high-torque, adrenaline-filled off-road adventures and exhilarating urban city rides. With features like customizable power settings and improved  throttle response, aftermarket controllers for Sur Ron, Segway and Talaria designed by EBMX you're promised the best quality, top-performing parts, and a riding experience that's both thrilling, controllable, and responsive.

What sets REV Rides apart is the confidence we instill in our customers - every EBMX controller comes with a 2-year limited warranty, and unmatched customer support, ensuring not just an upgrade in your ride but also peace of mind.
Click here to learn more about EBMX controllers for Segway, Surron, or Talaria eBikes. 
Surron Light Bee upgraded motor

EBMX High Performance Motors: EBMX Motors redefine what's possible in high performance electric bikes and electric dirt bikes. Specially designed for Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria models, these motors boost your bike's torque and speed, ensuring top-notch performance across all terrains. With EBMX Motors, riders enjoy increased power for thrilling rides, whether off-road or in urban settings. Plus, each motor is backed by our 2-year limited warranty, ensuring reliability alongside exceptional performance.  
Click here to learn more about EBMX motors for Segway, Surron, or Talaria eBikes. 

Surron light bee upgraded battery

EBMX High Output & High Capacity Batteries: Elevate your e-biking experience with EBMX Batteries, available at REV Rides. Engineered for Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria models, these premium, high-performance batteries are a powerhouse of features: increased voltage for stronger performance, greater power for demanding rides, increased capacity to cover more distance, and enhanced efficiency for optimal energy use. They're ideal for riders looking to push their e-bikes to new limits, or further distances, whether on adventurous trails or during urban adventures. Backed by our 2-year limited warranty, these high performance EBMX batteries offer both assurance and advanced capabilities that will surely REV you right up! 

Click here to learn more about EBMX batteries for Segway, Surron, or Talaria eBikes. 
EBMX Swing arm upgrade for surron light bee

Shock Upgrade & Swing Arm Suspension: Transform your ride with the EBMX Suspension line, now featured at REV Rides. EBMX Suspension products offer a leap in ride quality. These advanced components provide unparalleled control on rough terrains and smoother handling in urban environments. With improved suspension performance and responsive handling, the EBMX shock with upgraded linkage and triangle, as well as the beefy swing-arm kit, enhance both comfort and performance giving rider maximum control, and the edge needed for competitive and high performance riding. Each suspension part embodies thoughtful design, durability and precision, ensuring a balanced and predictable ride. Supported by our 2-year limited warranty, the EBMX Suspension line is a promise of reliability and vastly improved ride quality, and control, like what you might expect to find in motorcycle and motocross racing. 
Click here to learn more about EBMX suspension options for Segway, Surron, or Talaria eBikes. 

REV Rides based in the USA

Why Choose EBMX at REV Rides? At REV Rides, we don’t just sell parts; we offer solutions. EBMX parts are more than just replacements – they are enhancements that redefine your riding experience. Backed by our commitment to quality and a robust 2-year warranty.


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