ZERO Motor Controller

Stock Replacement Brushless motor controllers for ZERO Scooters.


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Sebastian Ricco
Zero Motor Controller

Works as it should, maybe better than the one originally in. Wiring was a mess to get back together inside but managed. Why did my original motor controller fail?

Raymond Kaner
Same as apollo Pro

Hello I had a front controller burn up on my Apollo Pro so I bought one from Rev Rides it was even the same brand as my old one. Relieved it in 4 days now my scooter is back on the road. I have since bought all my parts from them.

Ronald Poston
Service order

Excellent help from cool knowledgeable person in service department. I was able to quickly trouble shoot the issue and order the part right then. Highly recommended!

William David
10x motor

Had no problem installing it, zero 10 X back up and running!

sean newell
Made my uncool t10ddm go 6mph faster! Huge performance improvement!

Ok, well you know these scooters are regarded and sold under different names but I have the actual original company uncool scooter that the zero 10x is copied from. These controllers from rev rides are ridiculous. They are 9 months older than my current ones, they weigh more and they made the scooter go 6 mph faster! The difference is insane! They assured me by the photos I sent them they would work and boy I was absolutely blown away by the difference. Even the battery is charging better and lasting longer even with the speed increase. It's nuts! Excellent service. Fantastic quality parts. Thank you very much, I will be back.

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