8.5" Standard Pneumatic Tire for Electric Scooters


ZERO 8 Front Tire

ZERO 9 Front and Rear Tires


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Francisco Ortiz
8.5" Standard Pneumatic Tires for Electric Scooters

Just what I needed for my Zero 9 scooter a perfect fit and high quality. Thank you guys for the fast shipping! I'm back riding my scooter to work again thanks to Rev Rides. I'll be ordering spares! Thanks again!

Scott Frauen

8.5" Standard Pneumatic Tires for Electric Scooters

Bill Colosa
zero 9 Tire Order

I received the tires quickly after I ordered them. OEM tires, heavy duty construction. I have about 700 miles on the original tires and have had no issues with them, luckily no flats. Unfortunately I will probably need to replace the original tires with the ones purchased within several hundred additional miles however, the split rims and UTube Rev Rides videos should make tire replacement easy. I suspect a tire with a deeper tread, i.e. off road tires, may increase tire mileage, however it will probably negatively impact range.

Michael Bowler

great ride but have gotten flats more often than expected

Kevin Dawkins
Always reliable

I dont know what I would do without rev rides. My new tire and innertube are perfect and they are rocking on Brooklyn streets as you read this. I got my delivery 2 days early I mean what can I say. Rev Rides saved my ass once again. Love you guys! A plus all the way. Will be back for more!

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