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Zero 8

  • Rarely do you get performance, battery range and compactness into a nicely packaged e-scooter, but the ZERO 8 defies convention to set the standard in high performance compact e-scooters.

    The ZERO 8 is chock full of performance features. Featuring a set of rear hydraulic suspension and front spring suspension, the ZERO 8 actually rides really comfortably for its 8 inch tire size. The hydraulic rear suspension really takes away a lot of the vibration which makes going over bumps a breeze.

  • Equipped with a 500W motor paired with a 20A controller, the ZERO 8 offers more than adequate zippiness especially in up-slope conditions. The ZERO 8 does not groan when going up a 15 degree slope with a 150 lb load. It simply just goes without hesitation.

    Overall, the ZERO 8 is a compact but powerful electric scooter that is comfortable to ride. It comes with integrated shock absorber in the front steering column and very sophisticated and beautifully designed rear twin hydraulic suspension.

    All these features come at a very compelling price making the ZERO 8 one of the most affordable high performance e-scooters in the market. This makes the ZERO 8 a well-rounded and versatile commuter, a sensible default choice for many riders and a reliable alternative to the Speedway mini e-scooter.

    • 8 inch tires
    • Rear hydraulic suspension and front spring suspension
    • Built in front and rear LED lights
    • 48V 500 watt 20 amp motor
    • 13Ah battery for a range of 25 miles or more