VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah

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    Introducing the next generation of electric scooters.

    Years of experience have led us here. The VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah delivers blistering performance with dual 1400 W motors which accelerate the VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah up to 50 MPH in Sport Mode, making this the fastest scooter in this price range and weight class. Dual hydraulic disk brakes bring you to a positive stop. The 10 Inch front and rear pneumatic tires, coupled with dual adjustable suspension, provides a smooth ride. NOTE: Depending on the availability of components, the factory may ship the VSETT 10+ with either of two high quality hydraulic brake systems: Zoom/VSETT or Nutt. REV Rides does not guarantee a particular brand of brakes on these models.

    Don't let anything stop you, all VSETT models are IP54 water resistant.

    A massive 60V 25.6Ah Li-ion battery gives the VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah a maximum range of 85 miles.

    The new VSETT Control Throttle Display is packed with features. Tune your ride your way. Protect your ride with the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer which ensures only you can start your VSETT. Use the DDM button to switch from single to dual motor, and when you need more, use the Sport Mode for a burst of extra power.

    VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah touts aggressive styling and features the brightest integrated fender headlight on the market. Be seen with taillights, flashing brake lights and integrated turn signal lights. Feel secure with the robust patented triple locking mechanism for the folding hex stem riser.

    Battery 60V 25.6A (LG)
    Water Resistance IP54
    Motor 2 X 1400W
    Range 45-85 Miles
    Top Speed 46-50 MPH
    Load Capacity


  • All of our electric vehicles come with a 12 month limited warranty against factory defects.

    At REV Rides we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us. Click here for more info.

Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars with the new highly secured triple locked foldable stem.
Enjoy a smooth and safe ride with the hydraulic coil and swing arm suspension design.
Customize your ride preferences directly from the onboard display. Plus, keep your ride secure with the NFC key card lock.
Switch between single motor for range and efficiency or dual motors for speed and power.
Beautifully designed to compliment the powerful performance. 
Equipped with highly responsive hydraulic brakes and disc combination for maximum stopping power.
Quick Mode Buttons
Enable Sport Mode for faster speeds and more power. Use DDM to enable the Dual Drive Motor function. 
Adjustable Suspension
Battery Options15.6A21.0A (LG)17.5A (LG)VSETT 9+: 15.6A
VSETT 9+: 19.2A (LG)
VSETT 9+R: 21.0A (LG)
VSETT 10+: 20.8A
VSETT 10+R: 28.0A(LG)
Tire Size8 .5x 3 /8 x 2inch tires8 .5x 3 /8 x 2inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires10 x 3 inch tires11 x 4 inch tires
TiresRear Solid rubber, Front Air tireRear Solid rubber, Front Air tireFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tires
BrakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakes
Max Range*22-37 Miles37-55 Miles25-40 Miles15.6A: 23-38 Miles
19.2A: 31-46 Miles
21.0A: 35-50 Miles
VSETT 10+: 38-78
VSETT 10+R: 50-90 Miles
50-100 Miles
Top Speed (Limited)24-26 MPH24-26 MPH25-28 MPH30-33 MPHDual Mode: 40-44 MPH Sport Mode: 46-50 MPHDual Mode: 44-47 MPH Sport Mode: 50-53 MPH
Charging Times5.5-11 Hours7-14 Hours4.5-8.5 Hours5.5-11 / 6.5-13 / 7-14 Hours5-10 / 7-14 Hours8-16 Hours
Suspension(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2Front spring suspension + rear hydraulic suspensionFront hydraulic suspension*1 + rear hydraulic suspension×2
LightsFront Led light+Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront Led light+Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light + Front and rear turn signalsLED Headlight+Dual LED headlight&taillight+brake light+Front and Rear turn signal
Loading Capacity265lbs265lbs265lbs265lbs285lbs330lbs
Controller48V 23A48V 23A52V 23A48V 23A X 260V (30-35A )*260V (40-45A)*2
Motor Power48V 600W48V 600W52V 650W48V 650W X 260V 1400W X 260V 1500W* 2
Box Dimension108*22.5*46cm108*22.5*46cm127*26*53.8cm127*26*53.8cm134.5*28.5*58.8cm
*Please note that real-world range is typically 50% to 70% of manufacturer’s maximum advertised range. Riding in performance modes, climbing hills, aggressive starts-and-stops & aged batteries will all impact real-world range.


Deck Width8''8''8''8''8.5''10''
Deck Length26.5''26.5''28''28''27''30''
Handle Bar Width24''24''25.5''25.5''25.5''27.5''
Bar Height (Extended)40''40''40''40''41.5''43''
Bar Height (Retracted)29.5''29.5''40''40''41.5''43''
Max Folded Height15.5''15.5''19.5''19.5''18''25''
Max Folded Width8''-24''8''-24''8''-25.5''8''-25.5''8.5''-25.5''10''-30''
Max Folded Length37''-48''37''-48''47''47''49''50''
Deck to Floor7''7''8.5''8.5''10''11.5''

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Rith Tham
Best scooter I ever bought

Awesome scooter and fast shipping

David Ayala
More power than needed love it :)(Vsett10+)25

Went from a hi boy pro2 at $569.00 rip a yadea pro 650 watts scooter for $839.00 rip within a year and wasn’t happy my mistake was not spending the lil extra to get a higher end scooter vsett10+ Cought my eye vsett10+ has way more power than what I need don’t regret the purchase 218pounds at 49mph! Tapped out before the vsett10 did! REVRides is the best when buying great customer service quick email/phone responses as for parts and accessories are also available incase of a wreck or issues I would buy it all over again if I had to rewind in time a bit :) thanks REVRides will be placing a second order for the wife :)

Jeff Gipson
Vsett 10+

I am prob reviewing this too soon. It’s fast and powerful but the power ports are in the way. They are right where I naturally like to place my toe. I’ve kicked the cover off a few times. They should have made these flush so you can stand on the them. I see this being corrected…hopefully. Would like to see some flush covers come out. Front light could be a little brighter. Small issues. One major issue is a couple times I was cruising around 20mph in 1 gear and I believe single motor and I went to give it some powe and nothing. After a few seconds it would go faster. Not sure what that’s about. I’ve had it a few hrs and this is my first scooter. Otherwise, This thing is so fun!!!!

John Galati

I would have given a scoot a five stars it is a monster I love everything about the scooter except the clamp that supposed to hold the handle in place when you pick up the scooter the design of the clamp is horrible it has no spring to keep the clam in place like I've seen on many other scooters you physically have to hold the clamp each time you lift the scooter I have a better design on a $500 scooter I own other than that I love everything about it I would think for the amount of money and the design that went into the scooter the clamping system would have been a lot more advanced

Larry Hunt
First test of Vsett 10+ 60V 2Ah along side a Zero 10x 52V 23Ah

First of all, I've had the Zero 10x for a year now and I love it. I mainly use it to travel with my wife who bicycles (I dislike bicycling as it's a pain in my back). I am 6' tall and weigh 215#. We will take trips of 30 miles or so, usually on paved trails such as the Razorback in NW AR, Pea Ridge National Park in NW AR, or KATY in central MO. The KATY is a 240mile old railroad bed trail that is not paved but rather hard pack lime sand (wonderful trail). Back to the test: We tested at Pea Ridge which is a 7 mile loop thru/around the Civil War battlefield. One way paved with posted speeds of 25mph. It is rolling terrain with hills, qne one hill is quite long with a 3 to 5% grade. My nephew is 165# and he was on the Zero 10X while my 215# was on the Vsett. Longevity over the 35 miles was pretty close considering the VSETT has more power yet it was also carrying 60 pounds more. VSETT definitely has more power but that's expected. Both units were run in 2nd gear the whole time, and the ZERO 10X WAS NOT run in ECO mode (to make the test equal). DUAL drive was used on both at times (and at the same time to make things equal). Both units ran perfectly. Again, there are some hills with grades that will suck the power out of the units. But both ran very well over the 5 loops of 7 miles each. After the 5th loop, the VSETT shows 1 bar of battery while the ZERO 10X had 2 bars. As I previously stated, the VSETT definitely had more power, but with two 1400W motors vs. the ZERO 10X twin 1000W motors that is expected. The price of the ZERO's have dropped, but when I purchased it a year ago it was the same price of the VSETT that I purchased now ($2150). The VSETT is the one to buy now even with the price reductions of the ZERO 10X. I am very pleased with the unit's performance, features, and capabilities. But there will always be a NEW unit on the horizon that will have more features and more capabilities. But for now, the VSETT is a definite winner.

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