VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah

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    Introducing the next generation of electric scooters.

    Years of experience have led us here. The VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah delivers blistering performance with dual 1400 W motors which accelerate the VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah up to 50 MPH in Sport Mode, making this the fastest scooter in this price range and weight class. Dual hydraulic disk brakes bring you to a positive stop. The 10 Inch front and rear pneumatic tires, coupled with dual adjustable suspension, provides a smooth ride. NOTE: Depending on the availability of components, the factory may ship the VSETT 10+ with either of two high quality hydraulic brake systems: Zoom/VSETT or Nutt. REV Rides does not guarantee a particular brand of brakes on these models.

    Don't let anything stop you, all VSETT models are IP54 water resistant.

    A massive 60V 25.6Ah Li-ion battery gives the VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah a maximum range of 85 miles.

    The new VSETT Control Throttle Display is packed with features. Tune your ride your way. Protect your ride with the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer which ensures only you can start your VSETT. Use the DDM button to switch from single to dual motor, and when you need more, use the Sport Mode for a burst of extra power.

    VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah touts aggressive styling and features the brightest integrated fender headlight on the market. Be seen with taillights, flashing brake lights and integrated turn signal lights. Feel secure with the robust patented triple locking mechanism for the folding hex stem riser.

    Battery 60V 25.6A (LG)
    Water Resistance IP54
    Motor 2 X 1400W
    Range 45-85 Miles
    Top Speed 46-50 MPH
    Load Capacity


  • All of our electric vehicles come with a 12 month limited warranty against factory defects.

    At REV Rides we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us. Click here for more info.

Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars with the new highly secured triple locked foldable stem.
Enjoy a smooth and safe ride with the hydraulic coil and swing arm suspension design.
Customize your ride preferences directly from the onboard display. Plus, keep your ride secure with the NFC key card lock.
Switch between single motor for range and efficiency or dual motors for speed and power.
Beautifully designed to compliment the powerful performance. 
Equipped with highly responsive hydraulic brakes and disc combination for maximum stopping power.
Quick Mode Buttons
Enable Sport Mode for faster speeds and more power. Use DDM to enable the Dual Drive Motor function. 
Adjustable Suspension
Battery OptionsVSETT 8: 15.6A
VSETT 8: 19.2A
VSETT 8R: 21.0A (LG)
15.6A17.5A (LG)VSETT 9+: 15.6A
VSETT 9+: 19.2A (LG)
VSETT 9+R: 21.0A (LG)
VSETT 10+: 20.8A
VSETT 10+: 25.6A(LG)
VSETT 10+R: 28.0A(LG)
Tire Size8 x 2 inch tires8 x 2 inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires10 x 3 inch tires11 x 4 inch tires
TiresSolid RubberSolid RubberFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tires
BrakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakes
Max Range*15.6A: 22-37 Miles
19.2A: 33-51 Miles
21.0A: 37-55 Miles
22-37 Miles25-40 Miles15.6A: 23-38 Miles
19.2A: 31-46 Miles
21.0A: 35-50 Miles
VSETT 10+: 40-80
VSETT 10+ 25.6A: 45-85
VSETT 10+R: 50-90 Miles
50-100 Miles
Top Speed (Limited)24-26 MPH25-28 MPH25-28 MPH30-33 MPHDual Mode: 40-44 MPH Sport Mode: 46-50 MPHDual Mode: 44-47 MPH Sport Mode: 50-53 MPH
Charging Times5.5-11 / 6.5-13 / 7-14 Hours5.5-11 Hours4.5-8.5 Hours5.5-11 / 6.5-13 / 7-14 Hours5-10 / 6-12 / 7-14 Hours8-16 Hours
Suspension(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2Front spring suspension + rear hydraulic suspensionFront hydraulic suspension*1 + rear hydraulic suspension×2
LightsFront Led light+Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront Led light+Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light + Front and rear turn signalsLED Headlight+Dual LED headlight&taillight+brake light+Front and Rear turn signal
Loading Capacity265lbs265lbs265lbs265lbs285lbs330lbs
Controller48V 23A48V 23A x252V 23A48V 23A X 260V (30-35A )*260V (40-45A)*2
Motor Power48V 600W48V 600W x252V 650W48V 650W X 260V 1400W X 260V 1500W* 2
Box Dimension108*22.5*46cm108*22.5*46cm127*26*53.8cm127*26*53.8cm134.5*28.5*58.8cm150*49.5*76.2cm
*Please note that real-world range is typically 50% to 70% of manufacturer’s maximum advertised range. Riding in performance modes, climbing hills, aggressive starts-and-stops & aged batteries will all impact real-world range.


Deck Width8''8''8.5''10''
Deck Length26.5''28''27''30''
Handle Bar Width24''25.5''25.5''27.5''
Bar Height (Extended)40''40''41.5''43''
Bar Height (Retracted)29.5''40''41.5''43''
Max Folded Height15.5''19.5''18''25''
Max Folded Width8''-24''8''-25.5''8.5''-25.5''10''-30''
Max Folded Length37''-48''47''49''50''
Deck to Floor7''8.5''10''11.5''

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Arthur Thompson

I am a first time scooter rider & as my interest grew my search began to find the scooter I was going to get. The Vsett10+ was my choice because I did not want to play the upgrade game from one scooter to the next. I watched many videos on your site and learned many riding techniques that shortened my learning curve and saved me from having any spills of my own. I give this beast a lot of respect so to maintain a good relationship. The power is there if & when I need it. Oh! I can't leave out that I get lots of comments as I ride.

Allen Humphrey
VESETT 10+ for Veteran Motocross Rider

Recently purchased (2) VESETT 10 + , These Powerful , Stable , Silent scooters have made my life better and embarking on a 20 mile ride on a Fall day in Texas is a great workout you do not even know you are getting, Visit your local Parks , check out new destinations and Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before !

adam gerlt
Awesome upgrade, and free fast shipping!

Both times I have ordered something from them I have received it next day when they fulfill the order. Great shipping times!

I have had this scooter for about a couple of weeks now and put on about 250 miles (according to the speedometer). I have to say I absolutely love this thing! I upgraded to this from a Segway nine-bot ES3 after the external battery failed, and was looking for more of an upgrade. I chose this as the in between of something extremely expensive and something that doesn't have enough features. I have been riding this thing almost every single day since I got it.

It accelerates very quickly! I am okay with single motor but when I have both motors turned on I have to absolutely make sure I am in the correct posture to handle the acceleration. It will keep up with traffic if you have to ride it in the road, I can go about 45mph max with tires inflated to 50psi. It may go a little faster but the speedometer is inaccurate by at least 3mph. I have not confirmed how inaccurate mine is.

The range is excellent! I have had a 40 mile trip including at least 2 very steep inclines (using single motor, gear 1 for about 90% of the trip). It has no issue taking me up giant hills with speed (I weigh about 150 pounds). you can get very far by simply using one motor and gear one reasonably. speed + dual motor eats your range quite a bit.

Make sure and order extra inner tubes, and I would recommend slime or some sort of it. The tires are not very thick so glass will go through the thinner parts of the tire and you will be thanking yourself for not having to walk home with a flat tire. I came home with a low tire not knowing it was low until I saw the slime all over the back of my scooter. The slime did it's job with 30 psi still in the tire when I got home. Do NOT use a tire plug kit for holes in the tire as it will compromise integrity of the tire and cause your tire to bulge out. I had to order a new tire due to that error.

The suspension is awesome! I can transition from sidewalk to road without much trouble at all. It can get a little shaky at high speeds depending on road conditions. It will go over surprise potholes without an issue, I have hit a couple not knowing they were there until I was about 6 feet in front of them with traffic on the side.

I am used to the thumb throttle on the Segway so I am not a fan of this finger throttle. I find myself accidentally pulling the throttle while I am trying to brake at times. and the space between the throttle and the front brake is uncomfortable for me. I can't adjust it any more because of the small reservoir on the hydraulic brakes. I am more used to it now but my fingers will hurt a little occasionally. the left brake lever for me has to be pulled far back in order for the back brakes to fully engage unlike my right lever which doesn't require much to engage.

The battery bars on the screen are inaccurate. you have to read the battery voltage on the red lcd or on the odometer screen in order to truly know your voltage. Full battery is 67v and empty is 50v your motors cut out at 50v. There is a significant voltage drop when you are using dual motors. You have to release the throttle in order to see how much power you actually have left when you are going by voltage. The voltage lcd next to the nfc reader is unreadable if you are in sunlight. and the odometer can be hard to read when you are wearing a helmet and using built in sun glasses.

I love the horn. It has good volume but it doesn't sound like a normal horn so not everyone reacts to it. It's great for when you are passing someone walking on the sidewalk, bikes on a trail, or even just a warning to tell everyone that you are coming around a blind corner. The position of the horn button is great with it being right below the boost and motor selector. The buttons are backlit so there is no issue knowing which button you are pushing on that side.

I do not like the position of the front light, it is too low to the ground. in order to ride safely at night you need to have a secondary light on your handlebars and have the front light on. The red running lights in the back turn on when you have the front light on which is nice. The back lights also light up red any time you press the brakes letting everyone know that you are stopping. The turn signals are awesome with both front and back lights flashing yellow. I don't like that the turn signals stay on for 10 seconds without a way to stop them after you have completed your turn.

charging takes a long time! 12 hours from empty to full or 6 hours with two chargers. I ordered a fast charger from another website so I can charge mine in about 4-5 hours. The dual charging ports are awesome!

Locking the scooter can be difficult. I have a very thick chain with a cloth cover that I keep wrapped around the steering column. If you want to lock the scooter you will need to use a chain for the best security and flexibility with what...

Karl Phillips
VSETT 10+ 25.6Ah battery manufacturer?

REVRides thank you for your help, I called before purchasing scooter and talked with Michael? I told him my decision was being based off the battery manufacturer. I explained to him how I was going to use the scoot. He was pushing me for the 20Ah version. But I reiterated that I prefer the LG battery. He said I totally understand. My only complaint or issue is, nowhere labeled on this scooter is any build sticker? Serial number? Battery type, manufacturer! Etc. I’m looking at the list of battery options for the 3 different vsett 10+ and only the 28 states LG. I only have heard good things about REVRides. Wanting to somehow keep my money, somewhat in the states.
I’m still giving 5 starts for shipping and price with discount. I am having issues with the brakes making noises? Rotors out of round? Was hoping to receive the NUTT rotors and calipers. But that was outlined in the description. Possible either or. I will continue to do business with REVRIDES and hopefully they start stocking up on the good add ones, ie. steering stabilizer (ohlins) etc. thank you again. I definitely have a smile on my face when riding around and getting looked at like I’m in beast mode! DDM + S!!!! Lol

Michael Evans
Rev Rides was the right way to go

Couldn't be happier with my purchase. I had placed a pre-order for the VSETT 10+ with a tire swap. I didn't expect the scooter to be ready to ship for at least a week, but received an email a couple of days later to say it shipped. The scooter arrived packaged well and in excellent condition. Thought I would still need to add slime to the tires, but was pleasantly surprised when I found out they already had

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