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8.5" Solid Honey Comb Tire for Electric Scooters

8.5" Solid Honey Comb Tire for Electric Scooters

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Eliminate flat tires by replacing your stock pneumatic tire with a Solid Honey Comb tire. These tire are a good option to increase reliability, but riders will see a decrease in traction and comfort. These tires are not recommended for aggressive riding.


8.5 X 2.0:

  • Turbowheel Dart
  • Apollo City
  • VSETT 8 Front Only
  • 8.5" Electric Scooters

*For higher powered scooters, P8 should be reduced to 50% power when using these tires. Not recommended for VSETT 9/9+



  • VSETT 8
  • VSETT 8+
  • VSETT 9R
  • VSETT 9+
  • 8" Electric Scooter
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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Great product but never available

A great alternative with an identical fit:

Does the job pretty well!

Contrary to belief, these solid tires are actually pretty good. I got this for the vsett 8 front tire. It breaks just as fine as it did before, and it runs fairly smoothly. I tested it in wet road conditions. On smooth road you get very slight vibration which isn't nothing. Rough roads or bumps obviously you feel but it's not as bad as people claim it to be.

There's one small thing though with putting it on the vsett 8. Make sure you have a rubber hammer and some wd40 or equivalent. Its a very tight fit, so you'd need a rubber hammer to shove it in place while firmly holding the places that are secured to make sure everything is smooth and inserted. Make sure the screws and the valve hole all match up and the lines on it are pointing downward! Once everything is in, you'll realize there's still a gap in-between the rims. That's okay. Put screws in one by one (12,6,3,9 then the rest) and it'd all fall in place. These solid tires are pretty good in my honesty

Adam Glazer
Solid tire for VSETT 8 does a solid job

I was hesitant at first and was going to get another inner tube for the pneumatic tire. However, I decided to get the honey comb solid tire for my VSETT 8 on the front. Despite the slight challenge in assembling it and being a wee bit narrower, the tire got the job done. Yes, there are some trade offs but the end result is that the tire did exactly what it's supposed to do without any worry of a flat. There is no shakiness like others have said, although it may bit a little bumpier due to lack of shock absorption. I would recommend this solid tire for those who plan to ride at 30 mph or less but any faster could make it harder to brake. I had to get this tire due to the northeast region in the USA I live in where roads aren't exactly smooth.


Just need to know if this tire will fit my Apollo city rear tire,cuz they usually don’t

Just bought another one!

Just got it in the mail an fits my apollo city perfectly amazing! rides so smooth an got here quick! thank u guys so much! just ordered another one! :D