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Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec Oversize Brake Rotor (Front) w/ bracket combo for Eride pro

Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec Oversize Brake Rotor (Front) w/ bracket combo for Eride pro

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Experience High Performance Braking with the Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec Rotor

Our new Race Spec rotors are in stock and now shipping. This rotor has been completely re-engineered based on feedback from our original oversize rotor set. The new Race Spec rotors feature an upgraded hybrid cnc aluminum floating design and increased rotor thickness (now 2.3mm thick) that completely eliminates the heat/warp issues that some riders were experiencing on the original rotor design.


  • Material: Special stainless Dura 4024 & 6061-T6 Aluminum Hub
  • Weight: 345g
  • Hub pattern: 6x44mm
  • Package dimensions: 11.5 x 12.5

Compatible Models (requires front 250mm caliper adapters)

  • 2024+ E-Ride Pro-S, Pro-SS

Specifically engineered for the growing line-up of compact e-moto bikes, our Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec Rotor is a must have braking performance upgrade that delivers a significant improvement in stopping power. Meticulously crafted with advanced materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, this rotor is the ultimate upgrade to add a new level of confidence to your riding experience.

Constructed from special stainless Dura 4024 material and heat treated to achieve maximum hardness, the Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec Rotor boasts exceptional durability and longevity. Its precision-ground flat surface ensures optimal pad contact area, maximizing braking performance and facilitating efficient heat dissipation. Say goodbye to brake fade and embrace consistent, fade-free stopping power.

With a thickness of 2.3mm and an oversize diameter of 250mm, this rotor delivers an extended braking surface, enabling unrivaled stopping performance even in the most demanding riding conditions. Please note that model-specific caliper mounts are required for seamless installation and perfect compatibility.

Weighing a mere 345g, the Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec Rotor strikes the ideal balance between strength and lightweight design, reducing rotational inertia for enhanced handling and maneuverability. The precisely engineered 6x44mm hub pattern ensures a snug fit and hassle-free installation.

    Upgrade your braking system with the Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec Rotor and unleash the full potential of your Sur Ron, E-Ride Pro or Talaria electric bike. Prepare to experience unrivaled stopping power and dominate the track with confidence. Our goal at Rippin Moto is to deliver superior quality and performance that surpasses all expectations.

    INCLUDES: 250mm Race Spec Front Caliper Adapter for E-Ride PRO

    Specifically designed for 220mm post mount system.


    • 2024+ E-Ride Pro-S, E-Ride Pro-SS with RST Forks

    **Please note this adapter will work ONLY with RST front forks with the 220mm post mount. If you are running aftermarket forks or have a E-Ride PRO 1.0 with Fastace forks you will need a different adapter.

    Note on aftermarket calipers: 

    Most applications are a direct bolt-on, but for some customers that are running aftermarket forks/calipers/pads there can be slight variations in the dimensions of those components that can cause some fitment issues where the caliper adapter must be shimmed using 0.5mm-1.5mm thick M6 washers. The thickness of the 250mm Race Spec rotor is compatible with most calipers (OEM, Hayes, TRP etc...). Please take care during the install and take your time to properly depress your caliper and properly align your post mount inline with your new 250mm rotor. The clearances are somewhat tight but you should have no rubbing when installed correctly. It is best to elevate your bike up on a stand for installation.

    Caliper Compatibility List & Notes (will be updated periodically):

    • TRP - Yes
    • Hayes - Yes
    • Magura MT5s - requires some spacer due to the caliper housing design.

    This caliper adapter is designed to work with 220mm post mount brake systems for use the with our Race Spec 250mm front rotor.

    This adapter is made out of strong lightweight 6061-T6 CNC aluminum and anodized black for a durable, UV resistant finish. It allows for easy installation of the oversize rotor, providing enhanced braking performance and improved handling.


    • Material: CNC 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Anodized black finish for durability and UV resistance.
    • Designed for Rippin Moto 250mm Race Spec brake rotors.
    • Weight: 48g



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