Nutt Hydraulic Brake Kit

Complete front & rear Hydraulic brake kit for your ZERO scooter. All lines are pre-bled and do not require bleeding if installed properly. Soldering is recommended to connect existing brake switch wiring. Solder and Heat Shrink Tubing not included.

ZERO 10X and 8X installation is a direct bolt-on upgrade.
ZERO 10 Installation requires front fender modification/trimming.

For installation inquiries, please contact us today!

Kit includes:

(1) Left Handbrake Lever W/ Electrical Switch

(1) Right Handbrake Lever W/ Electrical Switch

(1) Rear Brake Caliper + Pads + Brake Lines

(1) Front Brake Caliper + Pads + Brake Lines

(2) Brake line Olives

(2) Rubber Fitting Covers


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Amazing brakes. Direct swap on my D4+

I’m not a Zero rider, but I ride a Nanrobot D4+. I was looking for a hydro-brake set when I came across these Nutt brakes and thought that even with a little modification, they could fit my ride.

Turns out they were a direct fit (8x model), but beyond that, the stopping power is absolutely insane. 1-2 finger light pulls will put that wheel a full stop, so there will be a short adjustment period as to lever pressure.

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