InMotion V5F

Top Speed 15 mph
Max Range 20-25 miles
Motor 550W (nominal)
Wheel Size 14 inches
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Inmotion v5f logo electric unicycle
Inmotion v5f specs speed weight range load capacity electric unicycle

Futuristic Light Features

Blue front and red rear.
Safer riding with glamorous lamps.
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inmotion v5f electric unicycle over charge protection battery

Easy to Learn

With the V5F's light and compact build along with the unique handle it has proved itself to be the perfect EUC for beginners.

Innovative Engineering

This EUC has state of the art battery management accompanied with a
powerful magnesium alloy motor that has high-efficiency and long-lifetime.

Sleek Thin Design

The V5F is one of the lightest and most portable EUCs on the market, weighing in at only 26lbs.