Evolv Sprint

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  • The New EVOLV Sprint is the most compact model of the EVOLV range. The silent 400W gearless motor within the rear wheel and the reliable LG lithium-ion battery allows the Sprint to reach a speed of 22mph. With its compact frame, easily fold it up and pack it in tight spaces. Puncture-free solid 8" rear tires and 8" pneumatic front tire for functionality and style. Sprint ahead of schedule and travel a distance of 15-18 miles.

  • Equipped with a rear drum brake and shock absorber for comfort, it delivers efficient stopping power. The dual suspension provides optimal comfort on every ride, without the added weight. A rear kick plate to give your foot a better grip when riding fast. Pack it away easily with the locking pull lever for folding and unfolding.

    The LED headlight positioned low to the ground will help light up your path and LED rear light travels along an acrylic tube, illuminating the scooter, keeping you safe at night. With the finger-throttle and control panel equipped with multiple riding modes, you’re now ready for a personalized ride experience!

  • SPECS Evolv Sprint
    Battery LG 36V 10.4Ah
    Motor 400w / 576W Peak
    Range* 15-18 Miles
    Top Speed 22 MPH
    Charge Time
    6 Hours
    Rear Drum Brake
    Front and Rear Spring
    Water Resistance
    IP54 Official Certified
    Max Load
    *Please note that real-world range is typically 50% to 70%

Evolv Sprint

The EVOLV Sprint is the most compact and portable model in the EVOLV series. An agile ride for all urban commuting and storage friendly for tight spaces. Ride puncture free with the rear solid tire. Shock absorbing features in a front pneumatic tire and dual spring suspension. Make the Sprint your first ever escooter or alternative to your larger rides.
Foldable and Portable
One-hand lever for easy folding and unfolding. Fold up the scooter, slide in the steering stem and collapse the handle bars for full portability.
Brakes and Tires
Rear solid tire for puncture-free rides and rear drum brake giving maximum stopping power. Front pneumatic tire and front spring shock absorbs all the bumps in the road.
Trigger happy takes on a new meaning. LCD throttle is equipped with multiple riding modes and a control panel to personalize your ride experience.


Twin LED lights on the deck and and lights along the deck for riding in the dark. Dual LED tail-lights flash when braking and travels down the deck for extra illumination.

For all the night riders out there. The Sprint features lighting that travels down the acrylic tube on the side of the deck for that extra groove.


Dual spring suspension provides optimal comfort when riding over larger bumps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The Evolv Sprint honestly blew me away

First of all want to thank REVRIDES along with UrbanMachina for their amazing customer service and speedy responses 👏 . Definitely Top-notch.

Build Quality
The sprint is built solid and sturdy. There is some creaking in the suspension and the motor is loud. But for this scooter only weighing in @ 47lbs. It's beefy and the weight is distributed nicely. Making it easy to carry.

For only packing a 400w rear hub motor, this thing gets up and goes. On a slight downhill I was at 26mph. On a flat surface I hit the rated 22mph.

The scooter has red tubes down the sides that light up, and when you brake the whole scooter flashes. The button headlights make you visible to oncoming traffic but does not light your path. Common for almost all e-scooters, it's best to attach another light for visibility and for your safety.

The footprint this scooter leaves when folded all the way down makes for easy storage in a trunk, underneath your desk, in your cubicle or wherever.

It's rated for 15-18 miles. I haven't tested its full range capability yet, but can already tell its going to much better than the other 36v e-scooter that I own. I am slowly stepping up in the world 🌎 of e-scooters. And the Evolv Sprint delivers everything for a commuter scooter that you'll need. If you are in a hilly area then just get something with dual motors (like the Vsett 8+ or 9+). I now understand the quality built machine's vs the cheap plastic entry-level e-scooters. Thanks for reading

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