Power Pads for EUC

On sale now as pre-order price of $80.

The essential accessory for every EUC. These power pads will give you a new level of control during heavy braking and acceleration.

Use these power pads for ultimate stability and control. The power pads provide a soft yet stable surface to push against when accelerating or decelerating. This results in superior rider-to-wheel connection for the ultimate riding experience.

  • Amplifies the skills of the rider.
  • Attaches to the sides of your EUC with the supplied adhesive tape.
  • Works with most brands and models of Electric Unicycles
  • Ships as a set.

Unleash the full potential of your wheel

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lillian Young
Compliments My V11

These are beautiful, comfortable, high quality and arrived fast. The look compliments my V11. Because the V11's panels curve, it makes adhesive challenging but the product itself is great.

Peter E Ginis
KS power pads: on the 18XL

Love this addition to my wheel. They have already saved me from getting bounced off the wheel several times. Not to mention I have more control even if I'm off placement, They allow for me to break with my toes if I'm too forward and I get stronger breaking if I am in the proper position. I highly recommend them for safety and comfort.

julio galvan
Power pads

Pads are good they do help with controlling wheel I have no complaints service was top notch and got pads fast faster then I thought .highly recommend there service

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