Electric Vehicle Immobilizer Alarm

This immobilizer security system comes with an alarm and remote control system to turn on/off and disable the electronics of your electric bike and electric scooter. Additionally, it has a motion activated alarm feature which will be activated when the scooter is tampered with or taken away. 

This can be installed into any 48V and 52V electronics system.

The immobilizer module can be hidden discreetly inside the deck compartment of the electric scooter so would be thieves will not be able to find it. Fits all e-scooter and e-bike models including Inokim, ZERO e-scooters etc. 

Price does not include installation.

Package includes:

1. 2 remote key fobs

2. One alarm

SOME INSTALLATION IS REQUIRED. Soldering is required. User Installation will void vehicle warranties. We can perform installations prior to shipping. Please add this installation to your cart with your order.

Customer Reviews

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Great way to secure scooter!!

This immobilized is fantastic. I use it even though I have a 10x which uses a key. It gives me an added level of security as the alarm goes off if anyone moves the scooter or tries to use the key when the immobilized is armed. This is big for me as I live in a large city where bikes and whatnot are stolen more regularly. Between this and a good u-lock, I feel more confident leaving my scooter unattended for short periods of time.

*If you want to use it on a scooter that has a key, reach out to REV Rides as they had to install it a bit different than the video shows.