*Refurbished* King Song S18


    This newest edition to the King Song EUC line up has a sports bike inspired design with its aerodynamic air intake system and aggressive curvature design. Perhaps the most noticeable change to the King Song design is the variable linkage dampening air suspension system using 200-57 suspension with 100mm travel.

    King Song takes the EUC experience to a whole new level with many improvements from their previous models. This wheel is crafted with an ergonomic design to connect wheel with rider. Headlights are 2 times stronger to the 16X with a 2*5w (high beam) and a 2*4w (short beam) with automatic sensor to switch between modes. The ergonomic handle is designed for pushing and lifting which can be hidden inside body frame when not in use. This is the first ever high performance wheel with limited wiring and all key components housed on PCB. The rear light is the hub for all ride information, displaying the battery level, braking and turning signals. To top it off the there is a 21700 battery system for better efficiency to space ratio.

    • SPECS King Song S18
      Motor 2200W
      Top Speed 31 MPH
      Load Capacity 235lbs
      • 3-month manufacturer warranty unless otherwise stated.
      • Customer to pay shipping for all warranty parts and will be expected to handle the installation. REV Rides will provide standard support and instruction where required.
      • No refunds, exchanges, or returns for refurbished vehicles.
      • REV Rides guarantees the functionality of refurbished devices, not cosmetic condition. If an issue affecting functionality is noticed upon delivery, REV Rides will provide parts and installation instruction to resolve the functionality, and customer will be expected to handle installations.
      • Customer is responsible for ensuring the cosmetic condition, miles, and overall condition is adequate before purchasing. Contact us for pictures and more information regarding any available unit.

      If you have a specific question, please use the contact form below to send us an email. If your question is easier to ask over the phone, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the number listed.

      At REV Rides we understand the importance of micromobility. Many of our customers rely on their electric vehicles for transportation to work, school or just daily recreation. Because of this we want to ensure that our customers feel secure with their purchase from us. Click here for more info.


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    Advanced Dashboard
    Customize your ride preferences directly from the onboard display. Plus, keep your ride secure with the NFC key card lock.
    Dual High Performance Suspension
    Slim Folding Bars
    Easily store your scooter with foldable handlebars and stem.
    Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars with the new highly secured triple locked foldable stem.
    Switch between single motor for range and efficiency or dual motors for speed and power.
    Conveniently lock your stem folded down for easy transportation. 
    Battery OptionsVSETT 8: 15.6Ah
    VSETT 8: 19.2Ah (LG)
    VSETT 8R: 21.0Ah (LG)
    15.6Ah17.5Ah (LG)9+: 15.6Ah
    9+: 19.2Ah (LG)
    9+R: 21.0Ah (LG)
    10+: 20.8Ah
    10+: 25.6Ah(LG)
    10+R: 28.0Ah(LG)
    Tire Size8 x 2 inch tires8 x 2 inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires8.5 x 3 inch tires10 x 3 inch tires11 x 4 inch tires
    TiresSolid Rubber Rear, Pneumatic FrontSolid RubberFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tiresFront and rear pneumatic tires
    BrakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear drum brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear disc brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakesFront and rear hydraulic brakes
    Max Range*15.6A: 22-37 Miles
    19.2A: 27-45 Miles
    21.0A: 30-50 Miles
    22-37 Miles25-40 Miles15.6Ah: 21-36 Miles
    19.2Ah: 26-44 Miles
    21.0Ah: 29-48 Miles
    20.8Ah: 30-52 Miles
    25.6Ah: 36-64 Miles
    28.0Ah: 40-70 Miles
    VSETT 11+: 50 Miles
    VSETT 11+ Super: 60 Miles
    Top Speed (Limited)20 MPH - Class 2 eBike
    (24-26 MPH Off-Road)
    20 MPH - Class 2 eBike
    (24-26 MPH Off-Road)
    20 MPH - Class 2 eBike
    (25-28 MPH Off-Road)
    20 MPH - Class 2 eBike
    (30-33 MPH Off-Road)
    20 MPH - Class 2 eBike
    (Off-Road: Dual Mode: 40-44 MPH Sport Mode: 46-50 MPH)
    20 MPH - Class 2 eBike
    (Off-Road: 11+: Dual Mode: 44-47 MPH, Sport Mode: 50-53 MPH
    11+ Super: Dual Mode: 60 MPH, Sport Mode: 65 MPH)
    Charging Times5.5-11 / 6.5-13 / 7-14 Hours5.5-11 Hours4.5-8.5 Hours5.5-11 / 6.5-13 / 7-14 Hours5-10 / 6-12 / 7-14 Hours11+: 8-16 Hours
    11+ Super: 21+ Hours (10.5 w/ dual charger)
    Suspension(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2(Polyurethane + Spring suspension)×2Front spring suspension + rear hydraulic suspensionFront hydraulic suspension*1 + rear hydraulic suspension×2
    LightsFront Led light+Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront Led light + Front Spotlight + Rear Brake Light + Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light+Front and rear turn signalsFront spotlight + Rear brake light + Front and rear turn signalsDual LED headlight & taillight + brake light + Front and Rear turn signal
    Loading Capacity265lbs265lbs265lbs265lbs285lbs330lbs
    Controller48V 23A48V 23A x252V 23A48V 23A X 260V (30-35A ) x 211+: 60V (40-45A) x 2
    11+ Super: 72v (43-51A) x 2
    Motor Power48V 600W48V 600W x252V 650W48V 650W X 260V 1400W X 211+: 60V 1500W x 2
    11+ Super: 60V 2000W x 2
    Box Dimension108*22.5*46cm108*22.5*46cm127*26*53.8cm127*26*53.8cm134.5*28.5*58.8cm150*49.5*76.2cm
    *Please note that real-world range is typically 50% to 70% of manufacturer’s maximum advertised range. Riding in performance modes, climbing hills, aggressive starts-and-stops & aged batteries will all impact real-world range.


    Deck Width8''8''8.5''10''
    Deck Length26.5''28''27''30''
    Handle Bar Width24''25.5''25.5''27.5''
    Bar Height (Extended)40''40''41.5''43''
    Bar Height (Retracted)29.5''40''41.5''43''
    Max Folded Height15.5''19.5''18''25''
    Max Folded Width8''-24''8''-25.5''8.5''-25.5''10''-30''
    Max Folded Length37''-48''47''49''50''
    Deck to Floor7''8.5''10''11.5''

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