King Song S18

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This newest edition to the King Song EUC line up has a sports bike inspired design with its aerodynamic air intake system and aggressive curvature design. Perhaps the most noticeable change to the King Song design is the variable linkage dampening air suspension system using 200-57 suspension with 100mm travel. 

King Song takes the EUC experience to a whole new level with many improvements from their previous models. This wheel is crafted with an ergonomic design to connect wheel with rider. Headlights are 2 times stronger to the 16X with a 2*5w (high beam) and a 2*4w (short beam) with automatic sensor to switch between modes. The ergonomic handle is designed for pushing and lifting which can be hidden inside body frame when not in use. This is the first ever high performance wheel with limited wiring and all key components housed on PCB. The rear light is the hub for all ride information, displaying the battery level, braking and turning signals. To top it off the there is a 21700 battery system for better efficiency to space ratio.

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King Song S18 specs battery life power top speed motor hill climb incline charge time ks 18 s

S18 Final Production Changes

  • Adjustable Pedal -Structural
The pedals are adjustable allowing riders to lower the platform by 2cm. This allows riders of different heights to have better control and increased comfort levels on the S18.

  • Mudguard- Back fender
Previous mudguard was secured by glue and one screw. The final production is secured by a total of 3, one on each shell and one in between with the addition of glue.

  • Tiring rubbing noise
Some prototypes experienced a rubbing noise issue. The tyre we used on prototype is a little bit wider than massive production, and the mainboard holder tubes had some errors, so the tyre might be pushed to one side and scratched the body shell. We’ve adjusted the mouldings/dimensions to eliminate these issues.

  • Wobbliness
Users experienced issues where the wheel would wobble when braking. After testing we eliminated the issue being suspension related but was rather padding related. Users could not grip the wheel when braking hard, we have since increased the PU pad thickness from 4mm to 12mm.

  • Top of wheel hurting inner knee.
The padding was not thick enough causing the knee to interact with the harder elements of the wheel. Final production will have increased the PU pad thickness from 4mm to 12mm.

  • Body shell
Some users experienced the case not being durable enough when crashing. We started using a material with more flexibility causing it to be less brittle. ABS+PC.

  • Outer shells popping off
Users experienced the white body panels coming off when crashing, we have increased the thickness of the clips so they don’t come off as easily.

  • Handle
Sometimes the trigger button gets stuck, we’ve added a crystal silicon logo above the button to create a uniform force downwards.

  • Steel Slide
To increase the durability of our suspension we have changed the sliders from aluminum to steel. The steel is treated to protect it against elements.

  • Suspension support frame
Suspension support frame is changed from space grey to gold.

  • Padding durability
We have changed the material for the padding so it doesn’t rub off as easily.

king song s18 features lights suspension system

Unmatched in style and comfort

king song electric unicycle EUC specs wheel
king song s18 specs electric unicycle euc wheel battery pads sleek design sports bike
King Song S18 KS EUC Electric Unicycle Suspension details shocks travelrider weight



Product Performance
Top SpeedFull speed unlocked after 6 miles. Max speed of 31mph
Mileage62 miles advertised range. Battery size is ~29% less than the 18XL and 16X models.
Maximum GradibilityAround 40°
BatteryTop Charging Voltage:DC 84V. Rated Power: DC 74V. Rated Capacity:1110Wh. Smart BMS with balance and over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, and overheating protection. Supports monitoring the battery conditions via KingSong APP.
Operating Temperature-10℃/+60℃
Max Load265lbs
Charger VoltageInput AC 80~240 V ,output DC 84V、2.5A
Charging Time1110Wh: about 6h 2.5A
Rated Power2200w
Max Power5000w
ColorWhite & black
Dimension557mm(H) x 530mm(L) X 200mm(W )
Suspension Specification200-57 Air suspension. Using a variable lever the wheel has dampening travel distance of 100mm which is transferred to the rear spring
Suspension Distancesuspension with a travel distance of 57mm.
Pedal Height (from ground)210-110mm
Tire Size18inch Diameter 3.0"inch
Weight1110wh around 48lbs
EUC PortCharging port; On/Off/Light Switch; Light sensor; USB accessory port
Light UP DisplaysRear light housing displays battery level, braking and turning signals all in one unit
Lift SensorLift sensor accurately senses and determines when wheel is lifted off the ground to stop tire rotation. 45° left and right side. (Motor stalls when over 45°)
Roll ProtectionPlacing the machine vertically on the ground will restart balancing automatically, no need to restart manually
Speed Limit ProtectionAdjustable Beep alarm, voice alarm, or tiltback when speed limit exceeded
Low Battery ProtectionLow battery protection activated at 30% battery, speed will decreases linearly; when the battery is lower than 5%, voice alarm for charge, when battery at 0%, the front part of the pedal will rise to decelerate until full stop.
Higher Temperature ProtectionWhen the motherboard reaches 80℃ it will result in tiltback. When the motor reaches 120℃ it will result in tiltback.
Battery IndicatorLED Lights show battery level when EUC is powered on and at rest
Hardware Features
MainboardThe motherboard is designed with a 4 layer structure, allowing for better stability performance. 12 large individual TO-247 imported MOSFET transistors to sufficiently support the 2200W motor. Transistors are attached to the aluminum body frame of the wheel for better heat dissipation.
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0. Allows for strong stable data transmission
USB OutputQuick charge USB A 3.0
2*5w light high beam with 2*4w short beam. Double the strength of the 16x, providing excellent illumination.
Temperature SystemTemperature of the motherboard is continuously monitored to ensure rider safety
HandleAluminum constructed handle designed for ergonomic pushing of the wheel or lifting of the wheel
MotorHigher power 2200w motor that provides a maximum torque of 140N.m
Suspension SystemUnique X shaped suspension system. Racing level suspension provides the ultimate support and shock absorption.
Suspension SettingsDownload Suspension Settings Chart Here
Standard Accessories1x Charger, 1x Manual, 1x Pump, 1x Warranty card, 1x QC certificate

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Edvinas Galinis

Very happy

Frederick Brock
Awesome wheel and a great company

I am really enjoying my new s18. This is my first EUC and I was nervous about taking the plunge. Took me a day to get moving on the wheel and a few more days to feel comfortable. Couldn't be more happy with the wheel and the awesome customer service of Rev-rides.

Joe blow
Great customer service

Took 4 months from order to receive S18
The 2021 shipping delay, port backed up is real
Got constant updates from Emily while waiting
Just need to learn how to ride EUC
Already placed a deposit on S20

Ice Breaker
Ferrari of EUC

Learning to ride euc 4th day today, s18 is way easier to control compare to my V5F, I will never jump back to my V5F again and possible selling it.

Kingsong S-18 thoughts

So, this is my first wheel after learning on an Airwheel X3. I don’t have much to reference with that being said. I can say the wheel performs great. It hauls my 200 lb. frame up 40° Inclines and is comfortable soaking up bumpy terrain. My only real complaint is the stiction on the suspension slides that are making the wheel not move freely. They say the fix is dry Silicone spray but I say BS, my fully suspended bikes and motorcycles don’t need sprays to help with stiction. There is a design flaw and after paying almost $2000.00 I’m a bit upset. No reviews I watched mentioned this problem & I’m sure it is a common issue.
Range is good, I don’t feel any difference between beginner and expert mode on the phone app. All in all I’d probably buy it again to have a friend roll with me, my daughter is ready to graduate from the X3 now so I’ll use my 5% discount on buying another. Maybe a 16x next?

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