Exway X1 Pro

The Exway X1 Pro has increased the battery size to a whopping 193 watt hours and now has up to 16 miles of range.  Despite this increase in range and power we were still able to keep the streamline shape and lightweight deck that Exway is known for.  Not only have we increased our battery capacity, we have also adopted an all new EBS regenerative braking system allowing you to get 56% more range out of the Exway X1 Pro.  What did we have to sarcifice to get this added range?  Only about a pound in weight and 1.5mm in deck thickness.  The Exway X1 pro tips the scales at 15 lbs and remains one of the lightest boards out there.


What's in the box? Exway X1 Pro, R1 remote, standard charger, stock 85mm wheels, an extra set of rear 85's, skate tool, and manual.  Our comprehensive APP is available on Android and IOS which allows the rider to change modes, set acceleration curves, and customize riding levels and style.

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electric skate board speed indicator guage
29 MPH
electric skate board range indicator
electric skate weight icon
15 lbs
exway adult electric skateboard esk8 x1 pro riot turbo chip


This board takes the Exway X1 Pro to the next level by adding Turbo mode to the FOC controller. Select Turbo mode in the app and enjoy blistering speeds of up to 29 miles per hour. Hang on tight, because the Exway X1 Pro is a speed demon!

State of the art sensors are placed throughout the board, so your board is constantly thinking, reporting, and adjusting to your riding style. You will always feel at home on the X1 Pro whether you are on your first electric skateboard, or you are a high speed shredder.

exway adult electric skateboard esk8 x1 pro riot hub motor


The dual hub motors have been pushed even further on the X1 Pro. The fully enclosed drive sits on upgraded water resistant bearings. The most water resistant board on the market just stepped up again!

With increased power output of 1200 watts per motor, enjoy higher torque, 30% hill grade, and even greater power efficiency. With the push friendly, anti-drag motor design you can freely kick your X1 Pro just like you can your old-school longboard.

exway adult electric skateboard esk8 x1 pro riot battery in deck


The Exway battery management system and charger is highly sophisticated and is designed in line with strict ANSI-UL2271 Safety standards. Some of the built in protections include: Overcharge, over voltage, temperature protection. At low battery levels, the power output will be automatically adjusted. When the voltage is too high or low, you will be alerted through the OLED remote screen to ensure safe riding.

exway adult electric skateboard esk8 x1 pro riot remote
The refinished Exway X1 Pro remote now has a more ergonomic grip and better skin coating. With precise throttle control on the Holzer type rolling throttle and 4 speed modes makes it ridable for all skill levels. The OLED displays real time speed and battery levels. If your X1 Pro detects unusual conditions, your remote will let you know by vibrating and displaying the error on the display.
exway adult electric skateboard esk8 x1 pro riot hub tire
The new 85mm stock Pro wheels have an all new gel core giving you more control, enhanced performance and elevated top speed. The new urethane formula provides better rider feedback and better wear.
exway adult electric skateboard esk8 x1 pro riot trucks wheels
Why mess with a good thing?  Seismic trucks came standard on the X1, and we never heard a single complaint about them.  Stick with what the people love, stick with Seismic. 


exway adult electric skateboard esk8 x1 pro riot chart compare


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