Zero 10X

  • The ZERO 10X is a high performance dual motor drive, dual suspension electric scooter that brings off-road performance into the urban environment.

    The ZERO 10X electric scooter is able to hit a top speed of up to 40 mph and has a range of 35-40 miles in a single charge. With its 10 x 3.0" inch tires and front and rear spring hydraulic suspension that allows this scooter to easily handle the bumpiest of roads.

    Its performance outranks all other electric scooters in its price range, making the ZERO 10X a great value for the money compared to other high performance electric scooters.

  • The Dual 1000W hub motors on the ZERO 10X provides a nominal total power output of 2000W. This power is controlled by 2 x 25 Amp speed controllers with massive heat sinks to dissipate heat as quickly as possible, maintaining optimal performance of the electric scooter at all times.

    Just looking at the ZERO 10X can raise your pulse. Originally designed for off-road riding, this body plan was so successful that the designers adapted the scooter for urban riding.

    The first thing you will notice are the striking suspension arms connecting the wheels to the body. These suspension arms are propped up by 2 hydraulic/spring shock absorbers for added comfort.

    Then comes the delight of realizing that both wheels have hub motors in them. Switchable between a single drive and a dual motor drive, the ZERO 10X allows the rider to switch between 2 modes: the ECO mode and the TURBO mode.

    ZERO 10X 24Ah ZERO 10X 60V
    Battery 52V 18Ah 52V 24Ah 60V 21Ah
    Motor 2 X 1000 2 X 1000
    2 X 1200
    Range 35-38 Miles 55-60 Miles 50 Miles
    Top Speed 35-38 MPH 35-38 MPH
    45 MPH
    Load Capacity 330lbs 330lbs
  • Q: Do the ZERO models come with a charger? A: Yes. All ZERO models come with one standard charger.

    Q: Are the ZERO models waterproof? A: Not really. The ZERO models are built to withstand small amounts of water, but we recommend avoiding wet conditions like puddles or riding in the rain.


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speed indicator guage
35-45 MPH*
*varies by model
range indicator
35-60 MILES*
*varies by model
electric scooter weight icon
80 lbs
scooter load capacity icon
Load Capacity
330 lbs
zero 10x electric scooter front disc brakes


Hydraulic disc brakes on front and rear for optimal stopping power
zero 10x electric scooter dual motor side view


The Dual 1000W hub motors on the ZERO 10X Dual provides a phenomenal power output of 2000W and a peak power output of 3200W.
zero 10x electric scooter rear hydraulic suspension


With its 10 x 3 inch tires and front and rear spring hydraulic suspension that allows this scooter to easily handle the bumpiest of roads.


"it’s a high-end scooter for those looking for much faster speeds and range for longer distance commutes"
"The ZERO 10X is for all the thrill-seeking, speed-loving electric scooter riders out there who want to take their riding to the next level"
"Nothing in it's price range comes even close"



zero 10 electric scooter handlebar width 49.6 inches
zero 10x electric scooter handlebar height 38.6 in
zero 10x electric scooter folded height 19.7 in



zero electric scooter buying guide
zero electric scooter spec comparison sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Point of view

Speed distance battery life shocks all on point ... excellent! For me the only problem is the weight.. 80lbs. It’s like lifting weights .over all thumbs up.

Zero10x 52v 60 Mile Version.

This honestly has been the best Electric Scooter I've ever had in my line of Scooters, this scooter has all the best features with the ultimate Changeable Suspension system. This scooter is more then 5 stars this scooter is a Lifestyle. THANK YOU REV RIDES & A big thank you to Minon he has been Amazingly Helpful & supportive throughout my entire decision A++ Service.
Also I'd say with my weight of 146 I was able to Actually Achieve Speeds of 37 -40 max. On Gear 3 + dual motor =) I Love This Scooter.

These guys are awesome!!

I called in to purchase the 10X on a Monday, I needed the scooter for the weekend.
Due to a fraud alert on my credit card, things were a bit delayed. So, I decided to have it shipped Express for a few extra dollars.
I accidentally gave them my billing address (in AZ, I’m in NY) and it went out to the wrong address.

These people couldn’t be more helpful. They knew how excited I was to have it, my daughter was spending the weekend with me and she was dying to ride it.

They recalled the one they already sent out and shipped me another unit 2nd day air!!
It arrived on Friday, just in time.

I had so many questions and must have called a dozen times, all of them knew me by the time it was all done.
They were all so patient!!! Always returned my calls and went above and beyond my expectations to make sure I was happy.

As far as the scooter, this is not what I expected!!
This is not just a toy. It’s more like a vehicle. It was made with the quality I would expect from a motorcycle and moves like one as well.

I couldn’t be more happy with this purchase and the staff at Rev Rides.
If you’re looking for a hard core scooter that takes off when you want it to, floats over bumps and has a company that backs their product with a staff that is, all about customer service.
Call Rev Rides, you will not be disappointed!!!
You have my personal guarantee!!

My only complaint is, now that my daughter got to ride it, I need to buy her one as well. ;)

Awesome service!

Before purchasing my x10 I called and talked with the Service rep and tech guys, they answers all my questions and I received my x10 yesterday. Out of the box all I had to do was put the handle bar on and thighten the brakes and controller and I was off riding. I'm very happy with my scooter and would highly recommend the x10!

Zero 10x and Rev Rides

Great customer service! Fast shipping- arrived on time and as promised!!!! The Zero 10x performs beyond expectations and is worth every penny. It handles the streets of New Orleans smoothly and with ease!!

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